Malverne Mayor Warns Residents to Follow Village Code When Removing Snow

Mayor Patricia Norris-McDonald calls residents to urge them to clean up sidewalks and stop spraying snow in the streets.

Malverne residents received a phone call from a familiar voice around 4:30p.m. Tuesday. An automated recording of village Mayor Patricia Norris McDonald was on the other end, informing them of an additional sanitation pick-up and warning them to follow village codes regarding removing snow from their properties.

"All the roads have been plowed," McDonald said. "The will be carefully monitoring road conditions...but some residents are blowing snow into the roadway."

She explained via the recording that this action creates a dangerous condition for drivers and is a violation of the village code.

McDonald added that the code also requires all homeowners to clear their own sidewalks.

The announcement also indicated that there will be an additional village-wide sanitation pick-up on Wednesday. Yard waste will also be collected at this time. Garbage collection for Thursday and Friday will remain as scheduled.

Tell us Malverne: How are the roads and streets on your block looking? Have you noticed any neighbors blowing snow in the street or failing to clean their sidewalks? E-mail Tara.Conry@Patch.com or share your comments below.

Bob Rabey December 29, 2010 at 07:41 AM
Malverne, West Hempstead, all over, people are doing the same thing. In my travels around, the morning after the great storm, I saw that for the most part the local authorities had really done their part in the effort to clear the roadways. This was the good part. Mostly people were trying to be considerate, and made hugh mounds of snow on either side of their driveway entrances. However, their were the odd 2 or 3 who either blew it, or had just thrown it into the street causing a hazard to traffic trying to pass by. In a few cases, I stopped and asked why they were being so inconsiderate? Their responses were less then "acceptable", if you know what I mean. In addition, I noticed several of these private people with plows, clearing businesses, and just pushing it all into the street. Again, I can not mention their responses, but a certain finger was used. Still, I have to say that over all, people were being considerate and thoughful. Even though not "every" road was cleared, people understood that this was a hugh task, and were mostly understanding.


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