Malverne Starts Reconciliation Program for Homeowners to Legalize Improvements

Village board introduces new incentive for residents who failed to receive permits for work performed in their homes.

The Malverne Village Board of Trustees held a public hearing Wednesday nightregarding a new reconciliation program for residents who have had home improvements done without acquiring the proper permits.

Recently, there have been residents who ran into problems when selling their homes during the closing process, Trustee Michael Bailey explained to the audience of residents and realtors seated at the hearing and others watching at home via Malverne TV. The property record that is on file with the village did not match what's actually going on inside the house and it has resulted in some residents seeing their deals fall through.

Aiming to help residents sell their homes easier and faster and ensure that the houses are safe, the Village of Malverne is introducing a nine-month reconcilliation program.

“Starting now until the end of the fiscal year, which is May 31, any resident [who] is concerned that their property is not matching their assessment can come in and get it updated. The village has lowered the surcharged to one $300 surcharge,” stated Bailey.

In addition to the surcharge, residents will have to pay the normal cost of their desired permit.For example, if someone renovated a bathroom in their house a permit is needed for plumbing, electric and contractor. For each permit there would be a surcharge. However, now with the reconciliation program residents will just have to pay one surcharge fee plus the cost of each permit.

After May 31, the surcharge increases from $300 to $1,000. Compared to others villages and towns in our area, this cost is still low, Bailey said, explaining that the Village of Rockville Centre has a $1,190 surcharge, the Village of Lynbrook doubles the cost of the desired permit and the Town of North Hempstead quadruples the permit cost.

“At a $1,000 surcharge we are still below the average cost compared to the surrounding areas,” he added.

The Board is hoping residents will take advantage of the nine-month long program to get their property record updated and save money.

Some residents may not be aware that their home does not match the property record that the building department has on file. Trustee Bailey explained that there are cases where a permit has been opened and but the homeowner never received a certificate of completion. The Village has been actively going through opened permits from a long time ago and contacting the homeowners to see if the job has been completed.

According to a village survey, around 12 percent of households have had to legalize improvements they have gotten done in their home.

The village board stressed that if any residents have questions or concerns about their property record or what to know if their information is up-to-date, they should contact the Building Department and Assessment Department at 599-1200.

The discussion on this topic was preceeded by another public hearing, during which the village board adopted an amendment to a local law. Click for details.

Highlander September 09, 2012 at 10:37 PM
I have been a resident of Malverne for over 20yrs and I haven't seen, read, nor am I aware that the infamous MALVERNE VILLAGE CODES exist. I dare anyone to go to Village Hall to request a copy or have one produced by any Village Official. We have the Penal Law, Vehicle Traffic Law, and Dept. of Health Codes, but stangely no VILLAGE CODES we as residents are always in violation of? Why is that? You would think they (the village) after all fee monies could afford to publish the codes.


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