Mineola Approves Contracts for Sandy-Related Repairs

Village board to submit over $118,000 in repair work for insurance reimbursement.

The Mineola Village Board approved several contracts for repair work at the outset of its meeting Wednesday night at the village hall relating to damage around the village caused by Hurricane Sandy.

The damages include fencing, two entrance signs at the parks and playground equipment at Wilson Park.

Superintendent of public works Tom Rini met with the village’s insurance representatives and insurance adjuster, saying that “they’ve authorized us to move forward in getting these repairs done” and noting that he had forwarded copies of all the cost proposals to the insurance company, the adjuster and village clerk/treasurer Joseph Scalero.

The list of damages, repair estimates and the companies which were awarded contracts are as follows:

  • central garage roof: $38,000 awarded to Atlas Restoration Corp.
  • central garage solar system: $48,632 awarded to Energy by Choice
  • fencing repairs:
    • Memorial Park tennis court ($1,821)
    • Wilson Park playground ($1,950)
    • John S. DaVanzo pool ($3,940)
    • little league field batting cage ($7,603) to Island Fence Company
  • Wilson Park playground: $8,030 to Site Specialists, Ltd.
  • entrance signs at Wilson Park and Memorial Park: $4,495 and $3,850 awarded to Bullseye Sign Co.

“What I tried to do was, especially on the solar system, brought in the same contractor that did the original installation, they’re the most familiar with the plans, specifications and the site and it would be the fastest for them to do that.”

Rini stated that the solar panels were shut down because “what had happened was it had stretched a lot of the conduit wire so rather than just (repairing) and having another system failure, we thought it best would be solar provider to shut it down at this point.”

He also noted that the entire batting cage fence came down “from side to side.”

The village will be receiving money from the insurance company, minus deductibles on its policies. Rini stated that he is still waiting on two cost proposals on light poles and for the ball field lighting.

“Once I get that, we’ll get that rolling and move forward with these repairs as soon as we can but in the event that there’s a lag between – and I should say I have asked our insurance adjuster to check with the insurance company to see if we can get an advance on that total so that we can get some money in to do that,” he said, “but again, I do need your approval to move forward because we may have a lag there where we have to go out of pocket and then get the money from the insurance company.”

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Michelle Ryan January 03, 2013 at 05:01 PM
$10,000. For 2 Park signs....even local Village is corrupt.
Geoffrey Walter January 03, 2013 at 05:26 PM
Michelle, these are the custom-made large wooden signs that you see at the front entrances to the parks. Their total cost is $8,345.
hypocrite January 03, 2013 at 06:10 PM
Geoffrey....you don't think that $8400.00 for two wooden signs seem pricey? I agree with Michelle............
A Resident January 03, 2013 at 07:35 PM
Seems kind of pricey to me for two wooden signs. You would think they would keep the money in Mineola and use Mineola Signs.


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