New Suspect in Car Crash Into House

DA dropping charges against Brooklyn woman.

 Charges against a Brooklyn woman accused of driving her car through a house in Huntington will be dropped Wednesday and another suspect will be arraigned.

The Suffolk County District Attorney's Office made the surprise announcement late Tuesday night.

“Our investigation, based on medical evidence, witness statements and other proof has determined Sophia Anderson was not the driver of the car when it crashed into the house at 200 Southdown Road in Huntington in the early morning hours of May 28,” District Attorney Thomas Spota said.

Anderson was originally accused of driving her car through a house at 200 Southdown Road. The home was later condemned  by town officials. A Town of Huntington sign posted on the front door has deemed the buidling unsafe for human habitation.

 Spota's office said the DWI charge against Anderson will be dropped and the actual driver will be arraigned on a grand jury indictment in Suffolk County court in Riverhead.

“The actual driver has been indicted by a Suffolk County grand jury and was arrested today (9/18/2012) on an indictment warrant.  Under New York law, because the sealed indictment is “DeNovo”, we cannot identify the defendant until Judge Martin Efman unseals the indictment Wednesday morning.  We are confident the driver of the car who drove through the house will be held accountable,” Spota said. 

The motorist driving a 2003 Mercedes Benz  south on Browns Road failed to negotiate the T-intersection with Southdown Road and drove straight across the street, striking a tree planted in front of the house and went through the kitchen of the home where both the tree and the Mercedes Benz came to rest in the backyard.

The two women who lived in the home, Helen Indiere, 96, and her 94-year-old sister, Virgina Bennert, will also be on hand. 

 Spota will speak about the new indictment, and the investigation that led to the arrest of the new suspect, following the defendant’s arraignment. 

Robert W September 19, 2012 at 03:21 AM
Well we will now see what famous son was driving.
Ranger Sewer September 19, 2012 at 12:59 PM
Good hard work by the DA!
Rachel September 19, 2012 at 01:26 PM
I am surprised it took this long! The women in the house originally said they saw the son get out of the drivers side of the car... I just don't get why someone would tarnish their own reputation with something like this.
BK13 September 19, 2012 at 02:56 PM
It's called taking one for the team I guess. Trying to keep him out of (more) trouble. I remember reading it and thinking it odd the owner of the car was in the passenger seat. I chalked it up to he was too drunk to drive and this poor girl was trying to get them home and crashed and what a shame she was trying to help and got screwed. Glad to see they figured it out.


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