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Slow Poke Law: Does New York Need It?

Georgia put in a new law this week that requires slower drivers to move from the high-speed lane if another driver is traveling at a higher speed behind them.

hoto credit: Patch file photo
hoto credit: Patch file photo
Written by Les Masterson

Georgia implemented its new “Slow Poke” law this week.

The law requires drivers in the left lane of a Georgia highway to move to the right when a vehicle traveling at a faster speed comes up from behind. Slower drivers who do not move out of the high-speed lane may be ticketed under the new law.

Proponents say the new law will reduce congestion, road rage and tailgating.

New York drivers were recently named some of the “most discourteous” in the country. 

Do you think New York should implement a similar Slow Poke law? Do you think that would help reduce road rage incidents and improve the overall mood of New York drivers? Let us know in the comments section below. 
Steve Green July 10, 2014 at 05:57 PM
The definition of a sociopath: someone who defiantly breaks rules and then feels oppressed by people who are abiding by the law. LOL! So let's avoid the sociopathic reactions, OK? Of course, slow drivers should yield the left lane. It's common courtesy and it prevents dangerous passing situations. BUT, every solution has its limit. If you intend to travel at 90 or 100 MPH, you're a danger to yourself and anyone else on the road. A car is only a machine, man! Anything mechanical can happen. Deer also cross the road oblivious to traffic. Consider also how speed itself becomes an addiction. Making the high speeder slow down is like depriving an addict of his/her drug. Sometimes, on the Palisades Pkwy for example, driving in the right lane is dangerous because oncoming drivers don't yield. So for a few exits there, it's reasonable to keep left. The bottom line: control the testosterone surges and have some mutual respect.
peter s. July 11, 2014 at 05:22 AM
Someone might have a legitimate reason for being in a hurry such as a medical emergency. Only law enforcement persons have the right to regulate someone else's speed. The outside lane should be for passing only. Too many road rage incidents result from self righteous drivers imposing their own limits on strangers without knowing their situation.
Steve Green July 11, 2014 at 08:52 PM
LOL! Must be a whole lot of medical emergencies every day, every minute, eh? What is this "self-righteous" crap? Going over 80 MPH is just plain dangerous. You're quick to call others "self-righteous". But what about your attitude? Entitled. Speed-addicted? Affluenza? Enough name-calling. Let's find some common ground that's also safe to everyone on the road. Job pressures, productivity demands, stressful commutes, economic stress. We are all pressured. Don't take it out on each other. Give the 99% a break and tax the Koch Brothers and their ilk. Then maybe we'd all be a little more relaxed.
Sean Hassett July 17, 2014 at 12:08 AM
I have many times been behind someone in the left lane driving below, sometimes way below, the speed limit. On passing, I have seen them on the phone, texting, reading a book, looking at a map, all sorts of crazy stuff. So yes, NY should have a slow-poke law. I drive I-95 often and CT should also have a slow-poke law. The left lane should only be for passing slower traffic, not passing the time of day. In places where there are only two lanes, plan ahead when coming to an on-ramp, move over to the left to allow traffic to enter, then move back when it's safe. Never drive below the speed limit in the left lane.
Steve Green July 18, 2014 at 11:19 AM
Yes, Sean, I totally agree. The oblivious slow driver in the left lane is an obnoxious danger to all other drivers. Another one: the obvious drunk driver who insists on staying in the left lane. Why? Isn't he/she just drawing more attention and possible arrest? But these are anecdotes. The bottom line is: we don't care very much about each other any more. Why do narcissists park in No Parking/No Standing zones, creating a traffic problem, when plenty of spots are readily available? There's a much bigger social/cultural issue here; we're all just complaining about the symptoms.


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