State Budget Grants More Aid to Lynbrook and East Rockaway Schools

Lynbrook will receive $248,063 in state aid and East Rockaway will receive $177,071 in 2012-13.


The State Senate and Assembly recently passed the remaining portions of the 2012-13 state budget, which will deliver state aid of $248,063 to Lynbrook schools and $177,071 to East Rockaway schools.

Under Governor Cuomo's original budget, the Lynbrook and East Rockaway School Districts, despite a four percent increase in statewide aid to education, were to see a $6,166 decrease and a $60,223 increase in state education aid.

During the budget process, the Legislature argued that funds budgeted by the governor for competitive performance grants for school districts should instead be allocated for general school aid.

The Republican Senate and Assembly delegations also fought for any redirected funds to be directly applied to a portion of the state aid formula that adversely affects school districts in Nassau and Suffolk counties, according to a press release.

"At a time when school districts are facing tough fiscal realities, the governor's proposal to budget $250 million for competitive performance grants, while in theory is a good idea, is misplaced," said NYS Assemblyman Brian Curran, who represents Lynbrook and East Rockaway. We need to direct all current available funds directly to state aid so that we provide school districts with the fiscal flexibility it needs to deal with the tax cap..."

The state aid announced is in addition to an announcement last week regarding $50,000 state grants secured by the Legislature for both Lynbrook and East Rockaway School Districts.

Curran also commended Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, who represents Lynbrook and East Rockaway, for leading the charge to increase aid to Nassau County's schools.

"At a time when every dollar is important to the Lynbrook and East Rockaway School Districts, I am happy that we were successful in significantly increasing the state aid to Lynbrook and East Rockaway for the upcoming year," Curran said.

How should Lynbrook and East Rockaway schools use the extra state aid? Tell us in the comments section below.


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