VIDEO: FAA Fields Questions, Offers Some Relief to Residents Rattled by Plane Noise

Aviation officials look to bring some relief at night by monitoring altitudes of JFK flights.

Nassau County residents rattled by loud jets flying over their homes can look forward to some relief from the noise, but not as much as they were hoping for.

At Monday's meeting of the Town-Village Aircraft Safety and Noise Abatement Committee, FAA officials said that although their main goal in is to make it safer and more efficient, they are also working on being a better neighbor.

They plan to bring more peaceful nights to the communities affected by the air traffic by closely monitoring the altitudes of planes flying into and out of JFK airport at night.

"It's a start," James Clark, of the Federal Aviation Administration, told TVASNAC representatives and residents gathered at Lawrence High School on Oct. 24 for the meeting, which also included officials from TRACON, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, and the Aviation Development Council.

TVASNAC, which represents 13 villages of the Town of Hempstead, including Garden City, New Hyde Park, Long Beach, Lawrence, Cedarhurst, Valley Stream and the newest addition, Malverne, has been working with officials to address how "the takeoff and landing of airplanes over our communities has all too often interruped the quiet enjoyment of our suburban lifestyle," explained Kendall Lampkin, the committee's executive director.

They have proposed the FAA work more closely with the Port Authority to make noise abatement a priority and establish a joint information service that would handle complaints and keep residents informed of any changes to runway use that might result in an increase in noise levels.

Some TVASNAC representatives have also suggested harsher penalties for pilots who fly below required altitude levels, restrictions on noisy cargo planes or establishing a no-fly-zone over Long Island at night. Residents, many who have become quite knowledgeable of the subject after years of research and interrupted sleep, want to see less air traffic, environmental studies conducted and more rotation of runways to spread out the burden of excessive noise amongst other communities.

Click on the video report above to learn more. Tell us about the noise levels where you live by commenting below or voting in our poll .

Peter Robideau October 25, 2011 at 11:04 PM
I hope it's not just lip service. Planes are flying overhead now (regularly) for the first time since last week. It started around 6:15 and they come every few minutes. Hopefully they'll stop by bedtime. (Today is Tuesday, 10/25/11)


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