Coles School Future Uncertain

The Solomon Schechter Day School stopped renting one year ago; building being considered for several community purposes.

The former Coles Elementary School is empty, but the space represents a variety of possibilities for the city, according to Mayor Ralph Suozzi.

For the last decade the school had been leased to the private Solomon Schecter Jewish Day School before that institution left one year ago to be closer to its student.

that the city would retain ownership of the property, which closed as a public school in 1992, in the interest of keeping it a public asset. 

Here are some of the possibilities the city is looking at:

  • Senior center
  • Youth center (including Catholic Youth Organization program center)
  • Police auxiliary center
  • Veteran housing facility
  • Space for businesses that can’t afford to open downtown
  • Space for businesses that don’t mesh with
    the downtown scene (ex. A software company)

None of these options are mutually exclusive, Suozzi said. The idea is to use the property as a multi-purpose space.

The last occupant added to the building's assets, leaving behind a new gymnasium, wiring for internet and a new boiler. There is also green space being preserved behind the building.

For now, the city is focused on getting the property in line with Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines.

Possible solutions will continue to be discussed, according to Suozzi.

“All ideas are welcome,” he said.

Eileen Coles July 14, 2012 at 05:33 AM
Well I certainly would look into getting office space in there for my business, if only for the amusement factor. http://youtu.be/60VIzqRlVaI
Lynda July 14, 2012 at 11:56 AM
No, Solomon was LET out of their lease early, I believe they still owed approx 100k.
John July 14, 2012 at 12:46 PM
What America and us need is an alternative to Academic Schools. We are forcing all our kids to go through the same programs perhaps at a different achievement level but nevertheless same old. Wouldn't it be grand if our children not inclined to study the fine arts to have an option say from 10th or 11th grade on to attend a "real" Professional Trade School at Coles? Of course if we cannot deviate from State or Federal mandates we could establish a minimum required curriculum at the High School and round out our young apprentices in the Trade School at Coles. What is left of our industries big or small are starving for trades men and women, yet we (parents and teachers) push everyone through our High School and too many of our "graduates" are unprepared to be happy and earn a descent salary in their comfort zone! Wanting the best for our children is natural and commendable but unachievable expectations may result in bitter disillusions. Glen Cove Coles Trade School gets my vote.
Eileen Coles July 14, 2012 at 10:35 PM
Let's work on that whole meritocracy thing first, shall we? That's not happening in this country right now. I am sure that the local fascists are hurting for people who want to be their low paid proles and obedient servants, which is why so many of them hire the same undocumented immigrants they rail against in public; and screamingly advocate the continued gutting of our education system, starting with teacher salaries. Then there's the whole "crazy grading on a curve" thing Bloomberg does in the NYC schools to make sure as many kids get shoved onto the next grade as possible, which resulted in my stepdaughter - a two-year straight A student - getting a 65 on the NY State Math Regents. There's some seriously major "WTF" stuff going on right now that affects the academic meritocracy of our nation, so don't blame everything on the individual. The bigger picture contains a fair share of malice and stupidity, not all of it coming from visible or obvious directions. However, we both already know that, don't we, John? Even if the people who put that witty and trenchant aphorism above the front door of the Coles School might have had no problem with your opinion, I'm VERY sure they wouldn't have liked your spelling or grammar. "Who dares to teach should never cease to learn", indeed.
LT July 15, 2012 at 06:30 PM
Another Senior Center??? When did GC become a geriatric center? Talk about investing in a declIning population!!! Why not focus on rehabilitating the town and bring some positive changes. A new GCBGC is long overdue, as is an improved library. Half our residents go to LV's Boys Club and Library because their facilities are VASTLY superior. The benefits of being a "city" is that we are "supposed" to have better services, which is far from the case.


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