A Girls Guide on What to Wear To This Year's Holiday Parties…

From Ugly Holiday Sweaters to Shiny Disco Ball Dresses, here is a brief guide for all you ladies who wish to be chic and not tacky for your holiday parties.

It's that time of year again! You know, the time of year where it’s almost acceptable to wear a glittery sweater, drink cocktails with fun names like a “Sugar Plum” and to run away (quickly) from the office pig with the Mistletoe.

That’s right - It's holiday time! And you probably have a ton of parties to go to and don’t have a clue what to wear. 

I go to my fair share of events yearly, and I can tell you from experience, some women need a lesson in what’s considered flattering and appropriate. One thing is for sure; if you dress to look like a Christmas Tree, more than likely, you’ll end up being called “The Strange Lady Wearing the Christmas Tree."

1) Did you see what so and so wore to the holiday party? 

First and foremost, lets get one thing very clear. If you are attending the Holiday Office party, this isn’t a time for you to dress like your attending after-hours at a NYC nightclub. In other words, put away the mini dress, don’t reach for that suggestive, provocative or “hoochy” dress, and by all means, throw out that mesh, see through number that shouldn’t be in anyone’s closet. Don’t be surprised by the way; I have seen all of this, and I feel for these women. 

Please, ladies, reach for something a little more appropriate. Like a knee-length pencil dress, which is still sexy without being overtly sexy or an a-line dress with the focus at your waist. And while black is always a fantastic option, why not opt for a peacock teal or wine color? Both are very flattering colors on most skin tones. You can even wear a great pattern, of course; just make sure there isn’t that much going on. You’ll look festive without looking like a disco ball. 

2) That beacon of light! Is it a star? An Angel? No, its you…looking very shiny…

Which will bring me to my next point. What is with women wanting to look like a shiny disco ball lately? For Vegas…YES, for the holidays, its cliché! However, sparkles and glitter are a trend and more than likely, you will see it everywhere.  That’s where subtly comes in. You can sparkle, but keep in mind a few things:

  1. The cut of the dress or shirt. Look for something that is not too revealing.  For instance, you can wear a short dress, but keep your chest and arms covered. Don’t be too revealing. It won’t get you the proper attention.
  2. The base color. I own a fantastic sparkle dress that my husband (Yes, my husband is very fashion forward) purchased for me. The base color is a muted gold, with gold flecks throughout. Make sure the base color is solid (no leopards or zebra strips!) or not over-bearing and make sure it looks sophisticated, not cheap. The worse thing you can do is wear a crazy pattern with sparkle. It's very Jersey Shore, and its tacky.
  3. Accessories should be completely muted. Wear a bracelet or earring, and nude or black heels. Let the dress or shirt be the focal point. 

4) You Are Cordially Invited to My Ugly Holiday Sweater Party!

What should NEVER be a focal point is that awful holiday sweater. 

Have you ever been to a holiday sweater party? There’s a very good reason why people have them; to poke fun at those cheesy things. Remember those “festive” sweaters Jamie Lee Curtis wore in “Christmas With The Kranks”? Well, do yourself a favor and toss them. Bury them. Don’t ever look at them again. And if you get gifted one, either return it or re-gift it. 

This was never a good look and I don’t care how adorable ‘the-little-kitten-with-the-Santa-Hat-and-bell’ is; you are just asking for it. Instead, why not reach for something a little less obvious: try a snow-white sweater, with a Marilyn Monroe neckline. Team it up with a pair of trouser jeans, a little glitz from your accessories, and there; Holiday chic!

5) Deck the Halls with Candy Cane Earrings! Oh boy…

Chic accessories, by the way, do not include Candy Cane earrings or Santa pins. You might as well be a walking billboard and scream “Happy Holidays!” because it’s that obnoxious!

Ladies, why not wear a Swarovski Crystal Snowflake brooch? Or break out all your crystal, precious stones, diamonds, and pearls and get some good use out of them?  Heirloom inspired jewelry has always been popular, and it looks incredibly chic when worn as the centerpiece to a subtle outfit.  

6) You’re a mean one, Miss Grinch…

Finally, if there is one thing that can make any outfit look terrible, it’s a bad attitude. Smile, be gracious, and remember it’s the holidays. Don’t be a Grinch or a Scrooge, and remember that the holidays are meant to be fun. So have fun, and be safe. And remember, a smile is always your best accessory.


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