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B-BP BOE: District Funds Will Not be Used to Pay for Welcome Dinner

Board of education issues statement to clarify the controversy over Tuesday's meeting.

The following is a press statement received from the Bayport-Blue Point School District Thursday regarding the public protest over a dinner meeting held at Blue restaurant Tuesday night to welcome the new district superintendent, which came under fire by several residents when it was learned district funds would be paying for the event.

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Statement from Board President James March:

On behalf of the Board of Education, I wish to apologize for the events surrounding the dinner hosted for our new superintendent of schools on Tuesday evening. We were operating under the mistaken belief that our board's modest discretionary funds could be utilized to cover recognitions of this nature. What we have come to learn is that this is not permissible under board policy.

Prior to the start of the event, Board Trustee William Milligan covered the cost of 10 meals at the board table. Following the dinner, Trustee Rebecca Campbell made a donation toward the event. And after receiving clarification on the policy, the rest of the members of the Board of Education have committed to covering the remainder of the balance.

No district funds were ever actually paid to the restaurant.

The dinner was a dignified event to enthusiastically welcome our new district leader. I look forward to focusing on this exciting new chapter in our district.

Yvonne Kleine October 08, 2012 at 08:12 PM
This is really the laugh of the day. You, dear lady, are the Empress Supreme of inappropriate and personal attacks, You viciously slam Rita Palma at every opportunity. It must be uncomfortable to be hoisted upon your own petard. You opened this door in your previous post when you cited your husband's business as an incandescent paragon of how things should be run and haughtily lectured us about good employee relations. If you don't know what's waiting outside it, you shouldn't open it. If you are concerned about your husband's "business affairs" coming to light, you should not speak of them. Funny, Google is great when it pushes your agenda forward. Not so great when it exposes things you wish to ignore. You actually named the business, not I. It is possible that people are as ignorant of who you are as you claim to be about Rita and Noel. As for the quotation marks around "DR." a title I have not once used here, piffle. The local folks who are losing their homes because they've been out of work for years will appreciate that a town was saved in Appalachia, Bayport Student. That's mighty fine. Losing the argument? Horse puckie. The taxpayers won and the mis-use of school funds was prevented. Certain things are important. I want the road I live on to be safe, and my school board, above board. Thank you Noel,Tori, and Rita for all you do for our community. "All that is required for evil to flourish is that good men stand and do nothing."
BBP Family October 08, 2012 at 08:36 PM
Hey I am all for good strong debate...but "Doctor", your comments are inappropriate, particularly for this thread. Am I wrong to think they don't apply to the article title, "B-BP BOE: District Funds Will Not be Used to Pay for Welcome Dinner"?
Michelle Rose October 08, 2012 at 08:52 PM
I am not even going to respond to this other than to say I have never preached how my husbands business is a paragon for how to run a business nor did make a reference to Appalachia. Your comments speak for themselves and you are making yourself sound like a fool. I am an evil person lol, did you google that too? I have never viciously attacked or made up anything about anyone. Please don't respond to me anymore as I will not respond back to you any more. You have a sharp tongue and apparently are the only person who is allowed to have an opinion on this site without viciously attacking those that disagree with you. Please though, keep on remarking, I am sure many people find it humorous.
BBP Family October 08, 2012 at 09:03 PM
The level of commentary on this site never ceases to surprise me. I do love the big words you use though, doctor. (Oh, and the Dr. title is one you included in your profile...piffle.) And doc, do tell, what exactly is it that Palma, Fuestel, and Tori (no idea who that is) have contributed to our school community? Besides requesting information as if a part of a 20/20 expose, and publicly attacking public servants, I have yet to really get that. Oh wait, they each MAKE money on the people in this town. Is that better or worse than if they did that in Appalachia? (That was sarcasm.)
BBP Family October 08, 2012 at 09:36 PM
Hey doc, did you read the patch article about the Reward school status of BBP? Did Noel, Tori, Rita, and Doctor Kline contribute to B-BP HS being recognized for their academic successes and graduation rates? The award that makes them further eligible to compete for a $150K grant? And in that same vein, did they help pass a budget under a 2% cap in that same year? This stuff takes years in the making to accomplish. It's not a slingshot quick fix, like Fuestel snapping pics at Blue and passing judgment on what he sees. You know who was behind that award? Dr. Anunziato, the other guy - Curriculum Supt. (name escapes me), and...drumroll please...the board members replaced by the three new and improved board members! Ouch. That smarts. Man, if that group of corrupt losers (more sarcasm) could accomplish that, who knows what the new board could do? Maybe for "all they do for the community" (your words) Fuestel, Rita, et., al. should run for the board! I would LOVE to have THEM working for ME!


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