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Lynbrook Schools Change Calendar Due to Hurricane Sandy

Board of Education discusses how the district will make up instructional time.

Changes to the school calendar due to Hurricane Sandy were announced at the Lynbrook Board of Education meeting on Nov. 20.

“Because of the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, we have had to make some difficult decisions as to how we’re going to make up the days,” said Dr. Melissa Burak, interim superintendant. “It’s important that instruction continues. We need to prepare our students properly and provide them with the best education we can.”

The board made the decision to utilize the days during February break to make up for lost class time. Feb. 19, 20, 21 and 22 will now be regular school days for all staff and students. Additionally, April 29 is now a scheduled school day, instead of a conference day.

“This will give us the required 180 days,” Burak stated. “But the problem is that it’s predicted that it’s going to be a very bad winter. So meeting the 180-day requirement isn’t good enough. We have to plan and prepare should we need to take snow days.”

If the district has one snow day, there will be school on March 25. If the district has two snow days, there will be school on April 1, Burak announced.

She also addressed concerns regarding Advanced Placement testing, explaining that students will take the exams on the regularly scheduled days; they will not be pushed back.

“The changes that we’ve made in the calendar should afford all the makeup time that was necessary to prepare the kids properly,” Burak added.

Concerned Resident November 27, 2012 at 02:58 AM
Just extend each day by adding a half hour and shorten lunch by 15 min each day. That adds one full period on the day which should be alternated each day between ELA and math. Parents that planned vacations are not going to cancel them and new material can't be taught if a lot of kids are not there. The ones that show up will wind up watching movies!!! The High School can extend all academic classes each day to make up the time.


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