Developer for Proposed Seaford Condo Project Releases Rendering, Floor Plans

BK at Seaford, LLC planning 110-113 condominium units at former Seaford Avenue School property for residents age 55 and older if referendum approval is received by voters.

The developer for a proposed condominium development at the Seaford Avenue School property has released an artists rendering and floor plan of what the project will entail if approved by voters.

The artists rendering and floor plans for the project called "Seasons at Seaford" can be viewed in the gallery above.

The developer, BK at Seaford, LLC, is in contract to purchase the former elementary school property for approximately $5 million if referendum approval is received by voters on Oct. 16. BK at Seaford, a subsidiary of The Engel Burman Group, is planning to build between 100 and 113 condominium units that will be designated as housing for residents 55 years of age or older. The units, which will first be offered to Seaford residents and their parents, will have two bedrooms and two full bathrooms and the facility will offer a central clubhouse with a fitness center and outdoor pool. The selling prices of the units will be in the $350,000-$400,000 range. 


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The late 1930s-built Seaford Avenue School closed in 1981 and was leased to Five Towns College from 1982-1992 and Nassau BOCES from 1992-2010. District officials said the sale of the property to BK at Seaford is approved, an estimated $100,000 in annual maintenance costs would be saved.

Voting on the condominium proposal for the former Seaford Avenue School property is scheduled for Oct. 16 with an informational meeting taking place on Oct. 4 in the Seaford High School Auditorium starting at 7 p.m. 

- What do you think of the proposed 55 and older condominium development proposed for the former Seaford Avenue School property? Tell us in the comments below. 

Buster of Seaford October 04, 2012 at 05:11 PM
Well, I hope we get a good turnout tonight and not a smokescreen or PR display, but real answers. Clearly we have folks here on both sides of the fence that are committed to their view no matter what they hear. Unfortunately..which is probably based on where they live, people being how they can be..for me, I have an open mind but one, the size of this thing and two, a lack of transparency that got me here to begin with, and shouldn't have been, are the points. The size..any studies done re: the impact, traffic, etc? These are terciary roads around the site..and..I'd suggest out of this the BOE reevaluate how they disrespect the taxpayers by treating us like the smaller children they educate. Worse, actually. But again I'm trying to keep an open mind. Oh and btw..two prior comments.. that the robocalls last week were generated to only folks with kids in school now, and that I should get on that list..huh? I would propose (DUH!) that we all are included in calls about any BOE issues in the future that affect the budget. OUR budget. And two..the comment prior about the 7th being unhappy about patrolling the lot..oh yes, a regular crime spree right under my nose! The building, a blight on the pastoral bliss that is my neighborhood. Jeez Louise..some of the opinions here for this, pro or con, have been well thought out and thankfully very informative. To all of you, I thank you. Others, just plain silly. See you at the meeting. Should I bring my helmet?
Lorraine DeVita October 08, 2012 at 02:02 PM
Lisa J,Your post was well thought out except for one comment - "Why get involved" Its seems to me APATHY over the years has brought us ot our knees financially and brings us to the situation we are now in. This community has a propensity to JUMP on quick resolutions,not thinking of the long term impact. We have in the past been very reactive not proactive. This solution selling the building/property to a developer at first blush seems to be a viable solution. Get 5 mil, to fill the VERY empty coffers. However is it? Even during austerity we managed to pay the 100k, even with a tax cap we managed to pay the 100k as well we also managed with the 100k carrying costs to award both the Superintendent AND the retiring Asst sup of business BOTH a 41 k + raise respectively. SO explain to me WHAT the urgency is to close a deal that leaves more questions then answers? No written quarantees, Bascially its TRUST US deal AT BEST. There is also N O guarantee the we will receive 5mil. We also do not know the EXACT GROSS we will be receiving. In my estimation it will be BELOW the 5mil being touted after we pay the Brokers fees, our Law firm & other closing costs. We have already reduced the sale price to absorb the absestos removal costs. We have yet to get a clear concise plan for dispersement of the monies received We have yet to get some VERY vital information even after the meeting that affords this community their right to make an INFOMRED decision based on ALL the facts.
Lorraine DeVita October 08, 2012 at 02:18 PM
Chris , I appreciate your input on may topics, but to keep saying we NEED the money, dont worry about the details , take the money and run is totaly irresponsible on your part. The DEVIL is in the details. As a professional yourself, & as previous board pres. from Wantagh you of all poeple should be advising OUR community to proceed cautiously , confirm everything to insure this a good proposal both long and short term for this community the taxpayers and the students. I would hate to see this community vote to approve a proposal that when implemented is NOTHING like it was touted as. I would hate to see this community ASSUME that this 5 mil is the panacea for all our Financial ills. I would hate to see this windfall of proported 5 mil, be used as a tool in teachers contracts that are upcoming, i would hate to see MY neighbors go thru hell either perceived or real for all the WRONG reasons.This is not cut /dry We no longer have the luxuxry of taking anything at face value any longer simply because we have allowed this & previous Boards to make some pretty questionable choices on our behalf which we admittedly approved solely because we trusted their judgement. Seaford needs time to digest all the information & a rush to vote is not allowing that. There is in the contract a clause which allows the BUYER to postpone the vote, I think we should press upon them the need to grant an extension so we can make a fully informed Decision based on FACTs not emotions.
Lorraine DeVita October 08, 2012 at 04:53 PM
Davey Crocket" king of the wild frontier" propably meant those words for ALL BOE trustees.. retired and active!
Lorraine DeVita October 18, 2012 at 01:03 AM
Board Meeting tomorrow nite thursday OCT 18th at the manor 7;30 pm.. pls spread the word to one and all.. Seaford ave information will be discussed and referendum date will be set if the amended contract has been signed by both p


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