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Hofstra Students, Alums Pick Debate Winner [Video]

Campus viewing party attendees sound off on Romney's and Obama's performances.

The moment Hofstra University students have been waiting months for finally arrived Tuesday night when President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney stepped onto the stage at the Mack Sports and Exhibition Complex.

Although they did not get a coveted ticket to sit-in on the second presidential debate, hundreds of students (and some alumni) packed the aptly named Hofstra USA venue across campus to watch together as the candidates went head-to-head. 

So who do they think came out the winner?

Judging from the applause and cheers throughout the viewing party, the audience connected more with President Obama, but some of Romney's remarks, including his promises to create more jobs and fix the student loan debt problem, received a positive response too.

After the final arguments and verbal jabs were delivered from each candidate, we asked some of these students and recent graduates who won over their votes Tuesday night. Click on the video above to hear what they had to say.


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