Lynbrook West End School Initiates Golden Owl Reward Program

The program is named after the district mascot, and encourages students to exhibit good behavior.

Lynbrook’s has initiated the Golden Owl Reward Program, named after the district mascot, the Lynbrook Owl.

The program has three simple rules to encourage students to exhibit good behavior: be respectful, be responsible and be safe. A contract was sent home for parents to sign, agreeing to reinforce the three expectations of the program at home.

Any time a teacher or staff member observes a student meeting one of the three expectations of the program, they give that student an owl reward - a piece of paper in the shape of an owl that states the exemplary behavior exhibited by the student. Every two weeks, the class that accumulates the most owls is awarded the Golden Owl, a large gold-colored foil owl to display proudly in their classroom.


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