Malverne School Board Agenda: Nov. 13

See what topics the Board of Education will be tackling at tonight's meeting.

The Malverne Board of Education will be holding its monthly business meeting Tuesday, Nov. 13, at 8 p.m. inside the high school library.

The meeting will include a report on the district's new Dare to Dream program. The board will also vote on some faculty changes including three resignations, one leave of absence and more than 70 appointments.

Also on the agenda, are four service contracts, a resolution to amend the retirement plan for school district employees, and another docket requesting the board to approve Gov. Andrew Cuomo's plan to include the Malverne School District in an Executive Order that extends the deadline for school taxes by 21 days. Click here for more information about the change to the tax deadline.

Another docket on the agenda addresses staff complaints lodged against a school board trustee. It states:

"WHEREAS, Board Policy 6122 provides for the implementation of regulations for the redress of staff complaints, and WHEREAS, the Districts Staff Complaint Regulations require the Board to appoint an impartial investigator where a complaint is lodged against a Board Trustee,

Now, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Education hereby appoints the law firm of Ingerman Smith, LLP as impartial investigator to conduct an in investigation regarding staff complaints against a Board Trustee, which were previously reviewed by the members of the Board of Education."

The agenda does not indicate which school board trustee the complaints were made against.

At Tuesday's meeting, the board will also have first readings of two policies, one regarding use of buildings and another addressing "Extraclassroom Activities Fund General Policies and Internal Control for the Operation of Activity Funds."

As always, a portion of the meeting will be dedicated to letting residents ask questions and express concerns to the board.

The full agenda can be viewed above. Look for coverage of the meeting on Patch this week. 


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