Schools Adopting New York Schools Devastated by Sandy

East Rockaway and Long Beach schools among those to benefit from relief program.

The devastation of Hurricane Sandy has brought all Americans closer and that includes students and teachers on the country's East and West Coasts.

A school district in California has decided to adopt the Rhame Avenue Elementary School in nearby East Rockaway, which suffered extensive flood damage from last month's hurricane. 

A district in Texas has embraced the Long Beach School District, which was also severely battered by Sandy.

"And we have many more school 'adoptions' in the works," says Lynbrook resident Julie Bergin, who, along with Catherine Foley, Kerri Horgan and
Tina Horgan, created "Schools Adopting Schools in the Wake of Hurricane Sandy." 

After learning that many out-of-state schools and school districts were interested in hosting donation drives and "adopting" New York schools affected by Hurricane Sandy, the four women have been working to match schools wishing to help with those who are in the most need.

If you know of a school or school district affected by Sandy that would appreciate the support, you can add them to the Adoption List by clicking here. Or if your school wants to adopt one in need you can fill out this form.

Recently, the group also partnered up with Children's Author and Lynbrook resident Cindy Springsteen (Waffles and Pancakes) who has been working with her connections in the publishing industry to restock the libraries of those schools affected by the Hurricane.

For more information, you can also visit the program's Facebook group here.


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