Top 10 Highest Paid Superintendents in Nassau County

Top wages all surpass $350,000; how do local superintendents compare?

John Hogan, West Hempstead Superintendent.
John Hogan, West Hempstead Superintendent.
Written by Matthew Hogan

Ever wonder how much a superintendent could make in Nassau County?

The New York State Education Department (NYSED) recently made available the pay for most of the superintendents in the state.

The highest 10 wages in Nassau County all eclipse $350,000, with one nearly surpassing $550,000.

In Malverne, Dr. James Hunderfund earns a $234,281 base salary with $26,841 in benefits and other compensation for a total of $261,122.

In West Hempstead, John J. Hogan earns a base salary of $225,038, benefits and other compensation of $296,799.

In Lynbrook, Dr. Melissa Burak earns base salary of $250,000 plus $59,613 in benefits for a total of $309,613. (Note: Burak's position is effective July 1, 2013, after serving being named interim superintendent on Sept. 5, 2012, following the sudden death of then Superintendent of Schools Dr. Santo J. Barbarino on Aug. 27). 

Find out below how their salaries stack up among the highest paid in Nassau.

School districts throughout New York reported their numbers to the NYSED. Although the data is self-reported by each individual school district and is unaudited, it does “not necessarily represent the whole state as there are districts that are not required to report the data. In addition, some districts may not use certain titles.”

The superintendent wages are broken up into three categories and then added together for a grand total. The three categories include “salaries,” “fringe” and “other.”

The NYSED defines the three categories as follows:

· Salaries: The wages budgeted on an annual basis for the position.

· Fringe: Fringe benefits are allowances and services provided by employers as compensation in addition to regular salaries and wages. The cost of fringe benefits includes employer contributions for social security, employee life, health, unemployment and worker’s compensation insurance, pension plan costs and other similar benefits allowable under established written policies.

· Other: The annualized monetary value of any and all forms of compensation not included under Salaries or Fringe for Type 1 or 2 positions. Examples include (but are not limited to) employer expenses for additional insurance and/or annuities, housing allowance, moving allowance, the personal use of a vehicle and/or residence, professional organization membership fees or dues, and other expenses.

Highest Paid Superintendents in Nassau County

1. Syosset Central School District: $405,244 (salary); $92,018 (fringe); $52,000 (other); $549,262 (total) *Note* - Syosset Superintendent Carole Hankin will retire in October.

2. Jericho Union Free School District: $288,794; $97,820; $62,011; $448,625

3. Rockville Centre Union Free School District: $321,712; $88,311; $20,000; $430,023

4. Hewlett-Woodmere Union Free School District: $310,000; $95,933; $24,047; $429,980

5. North Shore Central School District: $290,617; $75,227; $26,314; $392,158

6. Great Neck Union Free School District: $270,000; $80,699; $41,000; $391,699

7. Locust Valley Central School District: $280,000; $76,866; $15,800; $372,666

8.  Roslyn Union Free School District: $275,940; $74,897; $15,000; $365,837

9.  Garden City Union Free School District: $267,903; $97,273; $0; $365,176

10. Plainview-Old Bethpage Central School District: $265,000; $85,782; $6,000; $356,782

Joe Vette August 16, 2013 at 07:50 PM
All earn their pay and could perhaps, deserve more. Headmasters and Superintendents keep the private schools and school districts in order and functioning. I believe schools produce our future leaders not like the Superintendents of fire, police, highway, sanitation, water, etc.
Patch adams August 17, 2013 at 09:40 AM
Families produce our future leaders,schools produce a nation of followers, that's why there is a crisis of leadership in our country, nothing justifies theses outrageous salaries, make them cut the grass and clean the bathrooms to earn their salaries


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