Waverly Drama Club Purrfect in 'The Aristocats'

February performance put on by Lynbrook students.

Fifth-grade students in the drama club at Lynbrook’s Waverly Park School were the musical cat’s meow in their production of Disney’s “The Aristocats Kids.”

Through the magic of makeup and costuming, they were transformed into an assortment of sleek and pampered housecats, streetwise alley cats, rough-and-tumble dogs, gabby geese and clever mice.

Sporting a dazzling array of tails and whiskers, they sang and danced their way through the streets of Paris in this classic tale of rich cats and poor cats teaming up to outsmart a greedy butler intent on stealing their Madame’s inheritance.

But more than just entertainers, these young actors demonstrated how much can be accomplished through teamwork. They also imparted the valuable lesson that although we may all appear different on the outside, underneath it all we are “purrfectly” marvelous.

The show was directed by Jackie Miller. Maddi Jabin was the musical director. Josie Sorbara, who was the choreographer, also designed the sets.


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