West End Students Celebrate Dr. Seuss Anniversary

Students honor 75th anniversary of Seuss' first book.


Students at Lynbrook’s took part in a school-wide celebration in honor of the 75th anniversary of “And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street,” the first children’s book published by the beloved Dr. Seuss. The story follows a boy named Marco, who describes the sights and sounds of imaginary people and vehicles traveling along Mulberry Street.

In their celebration, entitled “And to Think That I Saw It on Clark Avenue,” students began by viewing a reading of Dr. Seuss’s book on YouTube. Then, under the guidance of school media specialist Camille Duran, they were asked to use their imaginations to describe fantastic things they might see on the way to their school, which is located on Clark Avenue.

Students wrote down and illustrated their fantastical findings on pieces of paper shaped like clouds and hung the clouds in the hallways outside of their classrooms, under street signs named after their teachers. Among the sights they imagined were a squirrel flying in a bubble eating German sausage, a dog Irish step dancing with a bagpipe, books reading themselves, and the world in the shape of a heart creating love around Lynbrook.

Every student was also asked to read a favorite book by Dr. Seuss, write down the title of the book, and drop it in a special “mailbox” in the lobby of the school. After tallying all the votes, “Green Eggs and Ham” was named the school’s most popular Dr. Seuss book.


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