West Hempstead School Board Again Appoints Trocchia to Vacant Seat

Former BOE Trustee Vincent Trocchia temporarily takes over Walter Ejnes' spot.

The West Hempstead school board once again tapped former Trustee Vincent Trocchia Tuesday night to fill an empty seat that opened up when one of its own members resigned.

With a vote of 4-2, the board appointed Trocchia to temporarily take over the seat that had been held by BOE President Walter Ejnes, who resigned in early September because his family and business decided to relocate to Florida. Ironically, Ejnes first earned a seat on the board in 2009 by beating then-incumbent Trocchia, who had been a trustee since 1990.

This is the second time that the West Hempstead school board has turned to Trocchia when they've need to fill a vacant seat. They appointed Trocchia on Sept. 20, 2011 after Anthony Brita resigned and he served in the seat until May 15, 2012, when voters elected Karen Brohm to take over. Similarly, Trocchia will remain on the board, this time in Ejnes' spot, until voters pick someone on Election Day, May 14, 2013, to serve out the remainder of the term. (Trocchia could run in the election if he wishes to try to maintain his spot on the board.)

Trustees Cynthia DiMiceli and Rudy Schindler voted against Trocchia's appointment, but the board's new President James Mariano and VP Karen Brohm, along withTrustees Pamela Lotito and Carole Rilling, supported it.

Rilling had made a motion last month to appoint Trocchia, but the proposal failed because even though Rilling, Mariano and Lotito voted for it, Brohm abstained. She explained that she voted this way because, before re-appointing Trocchia again, she wanted to first see what other residents were interested in the position.

"Maybe there is somebody else out there," Brohm said on Sept. 11. "And in the end, it may end up being that Vinny is the best choice."

Perry Fogg and Bill Signorile, both candidates in last year's election, both told Patch that they applied for the vacant seat. The board met on Oct. 2 for an executive session to review the resumes and cover letters they received from all interested residents.

What do you think of the board's decision to re-appoint Trocchia? Tell us in the comments section below.

Matthew Hogan October 17, 2012 at 09:46 PM
The board definitely made the right decision here.
WHMomOfFour October 18, 2012 at 12:25 PM
I agree, I think the Board made the right decision.
sal-junior October 19, 2012 at 02:59 AM
I believe it was a good decision as he has filled the position before. As far as the election schedule for 14 May 2013, the voters should know the backgrounds of the respective candidates before they are permitted to be a candidate. Below are my reasons why Mr. Signorile should not be a candidate for the school board. The article in the Patch titled “West Hempstead School Board Addresses Vacancy” dated 12 September 2012, Mr. Signorile stated on 20 September in the comments that he sent a letter to the Inspector General to investigate the school board’s “underhanded behavior”. The Inspector General should be made aware of several hypocritical underhanded actions by Mr. Signorile before she reads his complaint about the West Hempstead School Board. Since education is so important to Mr. Signorile, I wonder what schools he attended? On Facebook and other online resumes, he claims to have graduated from Jamaica High School and Farmingdale College, both in 1975. Other sources have him graduating Farmingdale College and Queensboro College at the same time. Mr. Signorile must be some kind of genius to have garnered so many degrees from all these institutions, yet in court room settings, Mr. Signorile conveniently asserts he has no education. His inability to create a coherent sentence is proof enough! Continued below
sal-junior October 19, 2012 at 03:00 AM
In the January 6 article in the Patch, Mr. Signorile boasted that he “would tap into his experience working on Wall Street as a short term trader who made forecasts for hedge funds, a job he left to raise his children.” This quote contains two lies. First, the SEC claims that Mr. Signorile never worked on Wall Street. As a disabled fireman, Mr. Signorile collects monthly tax-exempt disability and tax-free pension check for an alleged injury (amputated toe) that he claimed he suffered when he disobeyed safety orders on the job. By the way, he has all 10 toes. Just ask his ex-wife. Second, Mr. Signorile never left any job to raise his children. He terrorized and abused his wife; forced her out of the home; then manipulated the court system into giving him custody of their two children, who he is now raising poorly by himself. In court, Mr. Signorile boasts that his two children are doing very well in school. However, in his May 11 Patch response to Candidates Field Voter’s Questions, Mr. Signorile admits, “Since I have two children in the district, one I consider to be one of the highest achieving students in the district since he was a little boy and one the opposite, who is in great need of help.” In a later post, Mr. Signorile claims he has “two high achieving” children. What an obvious cover-up! Continued below
sal-junior October 19, 2012 at 03:00 AM
How could Mr. Signorile be a Wall Street trader and disabled at the same time? When it is convenient for him, Mr. Signorile feigns poverty and gets free legal aid at the taxpayers’ expense. Mr. Signorile was recently cited in a lawsuit for abusing this legal privilege because his assets clearly show that he can afford to pay for representation. So, Mr. Signorile should look into his own private life of lies before pointing fingers at a hardworking School Board that has the right to keep illiterate, unethical, dangerous citizens from joining their ranks. Would you also want to have someone who doesn’t obey court orders? Mr. Signorile was ordered by Family Court on 9 August to make an appointment with a court appointed psychologist. When he appeared in court on 2 October he claimed he never received the order from the court, yet his ex-wife, her attorney, and the children’s lawyer all received their copy of the order. It is a known fact he did receive the court order. On this same day, Mr. Signorile has even boasted to people that he will not attend any forensic evaluation. On October 16, in Family Court, while in an angry manner, stated to a legal aid attorney, “I am not going to any forensic evaluation.” This was stated in front of his ex-wife, her friend, being myself, and another woman. Is this the kind of man you want on the school board?


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