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Lucky to Be Alive: Georgia Toddler Flung Across Interstate, Walks Away With Only Scratches

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By Todd Richissin

Buckhead, Georgia – A toddler who was ejected from a vehicle onto a busy interstate survived with just a few scratches and a heck of a story to tell when she gets older.

According to the Georgia State Patrol, 2-year-old Kiara Talayan Brooks of Atlanta was a passenger in a 2000 Lincoln Navigator driven by her mother, Tamecka Shalandra Moore, 31, when the vehicle got into an accident.

The mother was driving on Interstate 85 north when she says the rainy weather caused the crash, throwing the little girl in her car seat out of the vehicle and across the busy highway. She landed in the left emergency lanes on the westbound side, Georgia State Police Spokesman Gordy Wright told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The wreck remains under investigation and charges are pending.

Fox Atlanta has a story about the girl's ordeal and the extent of her injuries: a few scratches and a couple stitches.

. March 31, 2014 at 04:52 PM
This is not a place to be preaching your beliefs! Take it elsewhere.
ZeeZee March 31, 2014 at 05:00 PM
Sammy how do you know the car seat was not properly installed? Couldn't the force of the accident have caused this? Also the carseats are not that easy to put in, and many parents feel they are correctly secured and have no way of really knowing that there may be a defect. Please, don't say charges should be filed just thank God the child is ok!
Pam J March 31, 2014 at 08:37 PM
When a small child goes flying out a car window, something was not hooked correctly. Plus, I assume the window was down, which is strange since it was raining. Plus, I think I read she was going 80 mph. Of course, when I was small, we didn't have car seats or seatbelts. We would go on vacations and my brother and I were all over the back seat. I would like to see some statistics comparing how many kids were injured or killed back before car seats and seatbelts were required as opposed to today.
Shantel April 01, 2014 at 12:32 AM
Thank God the baby is alive. There's no need to criticize the mom heck some moms leave their babies on top of the car and drive off. Heck at least the child was in the darn car. We don't know exactly what happened.
GLENN April 04, 2014 at 09:54 PM
Sammy right away you want charges filed, would you stop with the charges filed and be kind to your fellow man!


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