Toyota to Pay $1.2 Billion In Horrific Stuck Accelerator Crash That Killed Four

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Bergman Broom March 21, 2014 at 12:38 AM
No no no no.... no! First, Mr. MD, the fact that you question that I would not know the difference between the accelerator and the brake is stupifying, esp after driving safely for 40+ years. 2) Yes I went 100 miles further. Once I understood and was in control of the situation, I decided I was quite capable of driving it all the way home, working the shift between drive and neutral - coasting the inclines of the freeway. It was daylight and little traffic. I knew I could stop the car at any time by shutting the ignition, using brakes, emergency brake....the many ways to do it..... but I am not intimidated by machines. So I chose not to. Conclusion: I was giving advice to the far less resourceful person. Subaru even confirmed what happened the next day: The accelerator jammed in full throttle (DUH it HAPPENS). The equipment was 'found to be faulty'. (I could have slammed it into something at a slow speed when I got home, brought lawsuit and gotten rich, but I have too much integrity and mainly, I was happy to get home unharmed. I was merely talking to those unintiated someones who might find themselves in such a situation, panic, and perhaps get hurt.
Heywood March 21, 2014 at 05:13 AM
@Bergman Broom if your car truly did experience a malfunction as you claim and you continued to drive it for 100 miles, then I would classify you as a fool. The worst part is you to seem to be too stupid to realize it.
fatty arbuckle March 21, 2014 at 08:48 AM
i'll stick to my Fords! remember the " big three"? they were called that because they were the biggest sellers of US cars but now all the smaller US car companies are gone as for the big three, there's only two left ford and GM they should no longer be called the big three but the only two! while americans foolishly continue to support other countries economies and drive US businesses out of business or to be sold like chrysler to foreign companies! free trade is a good thing but unfortunately foreign countries do not engage in free trade, while countries like japan and korea can freely dump there cars here they block american car companies from doing the same either economically or socially.
maizenbluedoc March 21, 2014 at 09:37 AM
It will be interesting so see if the union payback, taxpayer subsidized General Motors (Government Motors) will be fined accordingly for their negligence of the ignition switch problem. Obama will find a way to exonerate them because of his union connection. BTW, how can GM pay when the cannot (will not) repay the American taxpayers the $39M they owe. For all of those who are so eager to "buy American", not much in any automobile is made in America. American automobiles are a global conglomerate now. I prefer to buy products made in America, but what most don't know, the so-called foreign automobiles are NOW made in the USA by American workers. Volkswagen made in Tennessee (just not by union workers).
Ron Mexico March 21, 2014 at 11:42 PM
Jump out. Problem solved.


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