Trending: Injured Bald Eagle Rescued From Backyard

The eagle has landed, and he injured his wing.

An injured Bald Eagle sitting on a fence in suburban Chicago.
An injured Bald Eagle sitting on a fence in suburban Chicago.
By Lorraine Swanson

Oak Lawn, Ill. – Barry Adamczyk has fished raccoons out of  attics, chased opossum from garages, and dealt with foxes, but he never got a call like the one he received Thursday reporting an injured Bald Eagle in a backyard.

“My first thought, ‘yeah, right,’” Adamczyk said, the animal control officer for Oak Lawn. “I doubt it’s an eagle. We get all kinds of calls for hawks."

When Adamczyk arrived at the man’s house the he pointed out the bird sitting on the chain link fence.

“It had a white head. It was definitely a big bird,” Adamczyk said. “I thought, ‘Holy cow, this is a Bald Eagle.”

Adamczyk called another animal control officer – Rob Negrete – from a nearby community for help. Adamczyk and his colleague gathered some equipment for the wildlife rescue.

“He looked like he had a broken wing,” Adamczyk said.

“We weren’t going to sit there and debate who got to pick him up,” Adamczyk said. “I had the net and the binos, and Rob had the gloves so he just bent down and scooped him up.”

The eagle was definitely aware of what was happening and didn’t put up a fight.

“I don’t think his actions were normal so he could have been dehydrated,” Adamczyk said. “It was easy going, he didn’t try to nip. The whole rescue took about five minutes.”

“Other than a broken wing, he seemed in good health,” Adamcyzk added.

The eagle was brought to the Willowbrook Wildlife Center in DuPage County, Illinois, where hopefully it will be nursed back to health.

Bald eagles stand about three feet tall and have a wingspan of six to eight feet. Bald Eagles were placed on the U.S. endangered species list in 1967. They were  removed from the list in 2007.

Dave M. February 23, 2014 at 02:08 PM
Why is this on Smithtown (NY) Patch?? HP must really be sucking for stories if it's putting "news" from 800 miles away on a local Patch
Marcus Johansson February 23, 2014 at 06:49 PM
People are starting to revolt against Patch. You can see the revolt in the comments sections of every article nowadays. People really did use to like Patch, but there is no local news anymore. What's the point of it? The point isn't that this article is bad or important or interesting, because it might be. The point is that this has no relevance to Mt. Airy Patch (where I'm reading it). Right now it's not an overstatement to say Patch is a carcass masquerading as local news. It's sad. But Patch should acknowledge it somehow! Not keep on keeping on, doing a poor job. Actually acknowledge that there is a problem and reassure its readers. But it has done no such thing. Admit your mistakes and move on. But don't play us for fools.
George February 24, 2014 at 10:46 AM
I live up north along the Fox River. I was driving home from work one afternoon and watched one of these magnificent creatures land in a tree along the river. Glad they've come back and are starting to be seen more and more in Illinois
Grumpy Old Man February 24, 2014 at 04:48 PM
The Lincoln Park Zoo has two bald eagles which were injured in the wild. Both were injured, can't fly so can't be released. One has been there since it was young and didn't have the bald (white) head. Now he does. I live in Chicago so this is not a problem for me - I do sympathize with others from other areas getting non local stories. There was a great video on AOL some time back - 40 bald eagles in Alaska lighting (at different times) on the back of a pick up truck carrying fish. Absolutely magnificent birds - glad Benjamin Franklin didn't get his way and make the Turkey our national symbol (I love turkey so I'm prejudiced).


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