SOLD! Courtesy Hotel's New Owners Plan for D-Day

New owners of infamous West Hempstead hotel erect fence around the property, begin planning for demolition.

It's the final countdown for the

The owners of the infamous establishment handed over the keys Thursday to the developer, who erected a fence around the property the next morning and will now start planning for the moment many West Hempstead residents have been waiting for - D-Day. That is, Demolition Day.

Rosalie Norton, president of the West Hempstead Community Support and Civic Association, announced Thursday evening that the sale of the Courtesy has been finalized. Mill Creek Residential, who had entered into a purchasing agreement with the hotel's owners, had been waiting for weeks for the banks to approve the paperwork. 

In early January, in preparation for the sale, the owners of the Courtesy Hotel shut down the place and boarded up the entrance, but scrawled the words "temporarily closed" on the outside.

As of Feb. 10 though, Mill Creek now owns the property and plans to schedule the demolition of the hotel soon, according to Norton.

In a statement sent out to members of the community, Norton said, "The hotel will forever be gone from our community."
Mill Creek plans to erect an upscale, market rate 150-unit apartment complex in its place. Learn more about the development .

It's been a long road for Norton, the Civic and several residents who have been fighting for this day for over a decade.

Norton said, "After two Mother's Day rallies, countless meetings, over 3,000 letters and signed petitions, West Hempstead residents can take pride in the efforts they made to revitalize an area of our community which has been a hotbed of trouble and blight. "

Patch will continue to provide updates regarding the demolition and plans for the site.

mattias February 11, 2011 at 12:39 PM
nothing but crack heads and hookers that used that place anyway. it's great to see that place go
ellen February 11, 2011 at 03:19 PM
now its time to rid the capri on hempstead turnpike another blight on the turnpike
Foxylady May 11, 2011 at 11:12 PM
Foxylady, The Dirty Curty , is gone , I had me some good times there, i will miss the courtesy hotel,
Marc Pierce May 25, 2011 at 10:32 PM
Good times...scary times as well. I used to work in the front desk the graveyard shift. Geneva and Charles and the cop owner...I thank God you are out of business!!! No kidding. I had to deal with all sorts of low lifes (besides my bosses and co-workers) Crack heads, prostitutes, gang members, child molesters, drug dealers, ...you name them! But I also had fun with the variety of other good customers who used the facilities. Maid personnel were hard working people and that was my first experience in the business. The bowling alley was a plus to have and is a shame how corrupted the place had become. Not so sorry at all. I agree with the town complaining, but they whine about anything anyway so I don't sympathize with them. Cry babies always get away with murder anyway. The rich wins. Is all about making more money. Business as usual. R.I.P. Courtesy Hotel.


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