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Keysi Fighting Method
453 Sunrise Hwy, Lynbrook, NY 11563

KFM is a Realistic Martial Art for the Urban Environment (the Street)!

There are thousandsMore of different Martial Arts Styles out there that all claim to teach Self Defense, but the truth of the matter is most of them DON’T!!

Training in your barefeet, against one person, with no weapons, is NOT how real violence happens on the street and it is NOT Realistic Self Defense Training!

KFM is a “Reality Based” Martial Art that is designed for the REAL World today.

That means we train in various scenario’s like a Nightclub, Subway, Bar, Car, etc. (yes, all of these Scenario settings are inside of KFM Lynbrook and we are the ONLY KFM Academy in America to offer this!).

We also train in various clothing and footwear, we also train with and without weapons, and most importantly, we train against Multiple Opponent’s (Not after 5 years of training but starting on your very first day!!).

At KFM Lynbrook not only will you learn the most cutting edge Self Defense skills but at the same time you will also: Increase your Cardio Vascular Conditioning, Improve your Muscular Development, Lose Weight, Gain Confidence and most importantly learn how to protect yourself and your loved one’s in REAL situations.

Come down and see why we are becoming the #1 Option for Law Enforcement, Military, Security Professionals and Law Abiding Citizens looking for the Absolute best in Personal Protection Training.

There is a reason why Hollywood has chosen us for the Movies, and why we are one of the fastest growing Arts in the World- WHAT WE DO WORKS!! (Adults Only- Must be 18 years or older)

Keysi Fighting Method (KFM)- As seen in the movies: Batman Begins, Batman the Dark Knight and Mission Impossible 3.