Magoo's Deli, Wine Bar and Grill
 Corporate Wine Director for Magoo's Cafe and Wine Bar, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his post.
Leaving his homeland of South Africa, Malcolm trained in the culinary arts in London. For the next several years he worked throughout Europe at numerous Michelin rated properties. Moving to the United States, he worked at many premier restaurants from Aspen and Nantucket to South Beach and California. Malcolm has devoted his professional life to educating himself about wine and food. An avid oenophile, he has worked and studied wine from the vineyard to the bottle. He has designed restaurants, and has developed a well-respected program of staff training for wine, hospitality, education, marketing and selling. From South Africa to France, Napa, Sonoma and Santa Barbara. Malcolm has learned about wine at the source of the world’s finest producers. This passion for wine along with the study of Viticulture and Enology earned him a 1st place finish in the Southeastern Regional Wine Sommelier competition, certifying him as one of the top 10 sommeliers in the country. Desiring the challenge that only New York can provide, Malcolm now brings his expertise to the culinary capital of the world. Malcolm will be pleased to assist you, our valued client and guest, in choosing the appropriate wine for all occasions.
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