Mom of Three.
I am a resident of Menifee but am in Wildomar every day as my kids dance in Wildomar intensely.  My oldest just graduated and has been excepted to Cal Poly and Cal State Fullerton.  He has chosen Fullerton and has a new begining ahead of him.  My second child loves to dance, sew, and crochet.  She is an awesome kid.  My youngest is very loving and is also in dance as well as football.  He is a great kid too.  My kids play piano, clarinet, and other various band instruments.  I am so proud of them.
I earned a degree in Interior Design but have been blessed to stay home and raise my own kids.  It is hard living payday to payday.  I don't have new cars, a remodeled house, or a boat in the driveway but I have a wonderful husband and three kids that I adore.  My husband spent many years in the Marine Crops and in the Navy.  Talk about a hard life.  Military wives should be awarded a medal for patience and support. We are a home school family and love it.  We homeschool through a Christian school with about three hundred other families.  We love it because not only do we not have to deal with the "bull" that happens heavily in public schools and somewhat in Christian schools, (bullying, drugs, immoral attitudes, ect.), we still are very active with the other kids in our group.  It's a big commitment but well worth it.  My oldest was just excepted to CSUF with an invitation to apply to their honors department so those skeptics who say homeschoolers can't get into college really don't know what they're talking about.  Just my ever-so-humble opinion.  :0)