Shannan Buffolino
I am a mom, and very avid member of the Temecula/murrieta community. I love Temecula, and will do my part, above and beyond to protect, and help be the eyes and ears for our local police, and get others involved as well, and support local charities, businesses, and anything that has to do with protecting kids, and enriching their lives and families lives here in Temecula. I was a huge fighter in the Quarry, and I told everyone who said, " Shannan, the quarry is coming, and they cant really keep it from coming" and I said with 100% complete confidence. "No it wont be here in Temecula, we wont let it, just watch, and mark my words." I was so right, but I knew I was so it's not an issue. I just genuinely care about others and want to spread the support and make more and more people become involved in making our communities better, and keeping the bad scum OUT of Temecula. REPORT ALL AND ANY SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY TO THE NON EMERGENCY NUMBER 951 676 HELP, this is so important..They tell us, report it even if you arent sure, so they can make the decision of if it is important or not, but they want you to do this, that is what this number is for, and then it is DOCUMENTED, and this is how they close in on crimes..by looking back at documented (no matter how small) reports by people who care in the community. Call 911 for emergencies only.