get-em health inspectors

food cross-contamination,rodent sightings,unlabled toxic chemicals,food prep hand gloves,open food storage containers,etc.     isnt it great that we....the customers who patronize these food establishments in our neighborhoods have these health inspectors popping in on these restaurants and take out joints.  we can't see how our food is being ''prepared'' behind closed doors but can only''hope'' that they are taking proper legal sanitary measures to assure that their customers don't get sick.i've seen raw clams opening up in displays because they are not iced up enough or the shelf life is expired.i  when you see ''managers special'' on items  do you wonder why. is it a day or two before the food can start to spoil?  you ever get food poisoned before?   well i did!!!  and thats why i am posting this rant.   if you see something  .....say something. you will be protecting someones health. you dont want to get hepatitis do you??/  then don't be afraid to call up on these suspected unsanitary food establishments.the health inspectors only make scheduled inspections unless they are notified.  make that call,don't be afraid.you don't have to give them your name.  recently i witnessed a deli worker  slice cold cuts useing his bare hands[no gloves]  where was his hands minutes before?  maybe touching dirty money?  but  i made that call to  nassau county health and let them handle it.   like i said,if you see something  ......say something  .make that call!!!!


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