here we go again

valley stream is slowly becoming the new ''hempstead''.the village that gets your attention filled with CRIME!!! not a weekend goes by folks that ya don't hear about a shooting, a home invasion, a mugging, a store robbery, a car theift.   slowly the good people of valley stream are going to be moving out of that once fantastic village and moving to safer neighborhoods.  i wonder how good are these streets being patrolled and laws being enforced? you can't just report crime you have to PREVENT CRIME!!!!  at every cost,whatever it takes,no matter what, for now and the very near future.  i don't live in valley stream  but i'm getting fed up with all these criminal acts i'm hearing on the news. so,,what are our public officials  doing about this?   i don't know.but i hope they are listening and getting fed up too. i hope they are taking new measures to STOP these crimes otherwise.......welcome to the new hempstead filled with gangs,murderers,crooks amongst the loving hard working taxpaying citizens of what was one of the greatest villages in nassau county.  if this crap doesn't stop soon  i say bring in the national guard.



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