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Community Opinion: Road Repairs

terrible winter we had  is gone,springtime is here, summers not far away. homeowners are starting to spruce up their homes getting ready for the outdoor activities.people will be  exercising.jogging, walking bicycle riding in our streets.  what i dont understand is  how come i dont see pothole crews out there???   or are we suppose to let our town officials aware of them. our town officials  walk and drive our streets also.  they see these cracks,street holes also right?  so where are the repairs?  when are they going to be filled in?  why do our automobiles have to drive over these potholes causing expensive front end and tire repairs?or is it the state,towns and villages  are broke and just can't afford to fix  our roads???     high gas price,  over 500 million dollar annual  casino revenue,bridge tolls,red light camera revenue, tobbaco taxes,ny lottery games, property tax income,etc.    is this not enough money coming in not to maintain our damaged roads???   i know if i was running the show   peoples heads would be turning,budgets would be better managed and criminals  will be paying  more for their crimes,.  the  quality of life on long island  is  definitely on the decline.   its a shame.


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