Letter to the Editor: Protect Lynbrook Taxpayers from 'Corporate Greed'

A Merton Avenue residents poses questions to village officials about the Holiday Inn Express' request to demolish three neighboring homes.

Dear Mayor, Village Trustee’s & all others whom this might concern,

I am a Merton Avenue resident who is at this point beyond upset and frustrated with the travesty that is taking place on my block in our neighborhood. I would appreciate clarification on what is going on with the properties the Morash family is looking to demolish.  I apologize in advance for the lengthy letter but I have 18 years of my life's investment being threatened that I want protected. 

From what I understand, the permit to demolish the three homes was not approved and is on hold until all necessary inspections are done and plans for what will replace the houses are submitted. The fence the Morash family put up around all three properties was put up without a permit and because of safety issues the town is allowing this hideous fence to remain standing even though there is no permit.    

The first question I have is who surveyed the property to determine it was not safe? I live across the street from what is now an eyesore and from what I can see there were no major changes done YET -  a few bushes removed and a decorative fence taken down doesn’t create a safety issue. But, this huge repulsive fence that is held up and kept in place by sand bags most certainly in my opinion is a safety issue.  

The second question I have is, if a permit is required before a fence is put up why is the fence up?  If it’s known the fence was put up without the proper permit will the Morash family be held accountable for not following the town law?  Will they be fined? Will anyone from the town be going to inspect the property before declaring it unsafe? If so, and if there are no issues to be concerned with, will the Morash family be told it has to come down? Will they be fined?

Lastly, if the Morash family does not provide plans for what will replace these three homes what are the chances of this permit being approved?

At this point, after seeing the aggressive way they are still moving forward with preparing to demolish the homes regardless of the rules we all have to follow and with no regard to the negative effect it will have on their Merton and Ocean Avenue “neighbors” and neighborhood I personally question their integrity.  I have come to my own conclusion that they have another agenda for these properties.  

The “rumor” about a catering hall is still circulating and although I don’t think they have plans of putting a catering hall in the Holiday Inn I do believe they have intentions of putting a catering hall in the Rockville Centre Inn. If this is the case the need/want for so much additional parking would make sense. The Rockville Centre Inn has been in such a state of disarray for years, yet the Holiday Inn is so well manicured … Why?

I believe everyone on the board knows what will happen to our property values as well as the quality of life on this block in this neighborhood if the Morash family is approved to demolish the homes.  I question if this was not at the crossroads of two towns but in the heart of either of the towns would this even be an issue? Just because demolishing homes and changing the dynamics of our block and lowering the value of our homes is not illegal it doesn’t mean it's right!   

Why can’t a cease and desist order be issued until all the proper permits, inspections for asbestos, and future plans are submitted?  I believe what they are doing is most certainly, negatively impacting every one of the neighbors and until all of this is resolved, they should be stopped from any further preparation for the demolition.  I believe that if the Mayor and Trustees of Lynbrook agree that the demolition of these homes will be a detriment to our neighborhood on multiple levels than something will be done to stop this.  “When there is a will there is a way.”  Please prove to us that we, the tax paying residents of Lynbrook, are being protected against what I consider corporate greed. 

Best regards, 

Ellen Trione, Lynbrook resident

ImPaul October 17, 2012 at 05:59 AM
Wow... somehow I missed the closing line in an article on this story published in another neighborhood weekly paper (October 4th) with quotes by Mr Thomas Morash, owner of the Holiday Inn Express (Lynbrook), Rockville Centre Inn (RVC) and the 5 Towns Inn (Lawrence). Mr. Morash's statements that quote "We're only looking to do good for the community." and "We're not looking to be bad neighbors" is absolutely unbelievable. There was an expression when my kids were growing up a number of years ago that came to mind when I saw this article earlier this evening - it was something along the lines of... "Gag Me With A Spoon!!" Oh come on Sir, how can you think that anyone could believe you - in-as-much as in the short time you've owned these properties you've already let the neighborhood deteriorate because of your desire to push your parking lot vision, come hell or high water! Wasn't it bad enough that the property at #417 Ocean that you purchased a few years ago has been allowed to seriously deteriorate, not caring how it looked to passerby traffic, etc. Then, to make matters worse, since you've purchased the property at #3 Merton, you've left a gaping hole in the side of the house for pests to come and go as they please and have left windows on the top floor wide open year round - to advance the deterioration of the property. (continued in next comment section)
ImPaul October 17, 2012 at 06:00 AM
(continuation from above) This is especially interesting, for one might think since there was a possibility of not getting your permits / plans approved by the village that a good businessperson might keep an option open to be able to sell the house & property if your plans were rejected as they were - so your investment would not have been a total loss. But no - instead you've chosen to let the properties rot in the hopes that neighbors would acquiesce to your unreasonable desires to push through a parking facility that would service a hotel that isn't even part of Lynbrook, but rather Rockville Centre.... mmm trying to be "good neighbors," please - your behavior is totally disingenuous. One can only wonder what the real motives of this hotel owner are? Could it possibly be that you have other plans for the properties involved - other than what you had projected to your neighbors and village officials. Might it have something to do with the fact that you haven't completed the basic outdoor construction project at the entrance to your other property, The RVC Inn? hmmm... wonder what's in store for us next? (continued in next comment section below)
ImPaul October 17, 2012 at 06:08 AM
(continued from above) I couldn't agree more with the writer of the above letter, my neighbor. Actions certainly do speak louder than words Mr Morash. Please prove my suspicions wrong - don't force the issue by demolishing #3 & #9 Merton Avenues. Fix the properties up and sell them to deserving individuals who by purchasing them will be contributing to the communities' tax base which you seem to be trying to impact negatively! How would you feel if I bought properties opposite and/or adjacent to your home and did what you're proposing to do? somehow I think your attorneys would be all over this, trying to prevent the deterioration of your neighborhood. Sincerely, Paul T


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