Cut Gas Line Causes Alarm in West Hempstead

National Grid and fire department responded to local business office after owner cut a gas pipe.

The t and National Grid responded to a call Thursday afternoon that there was a gas leak at a commercial property on Locust Street in West Hempstead.

The owner of the building had tried to take matters into his own hands and cut a secondary gas line that had not been used in years, according to a worker for National Grid at the scene who wished to remain anonymous.

"It was not a gas leak," he said, adding that the fire crew did not need to take any action. "This is normal. It happens every day of the week."

Workers for the gas company pulled out the blueprints for the site and were able to locate the problem within seconds. They then pulled out their heavy equipment and got to work ripping up the sidewalk to expose the pipe, which they repaired in under 30 minutes.

The National Grid worker said the building is a commercial property with an upstairs apartment, but signs in the window indicated that the building is currently not being leased to any businesses at the time. Calls to the realty company and contractor, whose numbers were posted on banners and signage on the building, were not returned at press time.

Malverne-and W-Hempstead Want'Clean-Water June 08, 2013 at 04:56 PM
I have a gas leak in front of my house that was caused by the water company. National grid has been out there for 8 hours, and they have not yet completely stopped all the leaks. there is more then one leak. The water company knew they broke a gas main and covered it up. they probably thought they patched the leak not realizing that they caused damage to more then one location, they should have immediately called national grid. Instead, they covered the hole and went home, leaving all of us residents in great danger. The leak was not discovered for 2 more days until this morning when customers reported the smell of gas in the neighborhood.


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