Farmers Market Returning to Lynbrook

Residents will be able to purchase fresh goods all summer long.


To the delight of many, a farmers market is returning to Lynbrook this spring.

Starting May 24, residents will be able to purchase fresh food products and flowers from local growers. The market, set to take place from 7 a.m. - 1 p.m. every Thursday throughout the summer and fall, will be held on Forest  Avenue. 

Lynbrook’s previous farmers market, held on Sunday mornings behind the on Sunrise Highway, relocated to Rockville Centre over three years ago, according to Lynbrook Chamber of Commerce President Bill Gaylor. 

Although the market is not an official Chamber of Commerce event, instead being run by the Long Island Growers market, it is operating with the chamber’s blessing, according to Gaylor.      

Items on sale at the market will include fruit, vegetables, flowers, goat cheese, dairy products, pickles, raviolis, pastas, and sauces, according to the Long Island Growers Market website.

Harry Levitt of on Atlantic Avenue was instrumental in getting the market to return to the village. He approached the market about reprising their role in Lynbrook and, with the agreement that the market take place on Thursdays, they agreed.

At first, Levitt was apprehensive about a market operating during the week, but, after conversation with some of his fellow business owners, he warmed up to the idea. 

“It’s a way to draw people to the area,” Levitt said. “We hope that people will come, get their fruits and vegetables, and then walk on to the avenue and get something to eat or shop in one of the stores.”

In addition to helping increase Lynbrook commerce, the market will also benefit consumers who have been itching for this kind of service for a long time, according the Levitt. 

“People were very disappointed when [the market] left,” he said. “They liked the idea of the natural products that they offer. They also liked the idea that homegrown, fresh fruits, and vegetables are being sold."

Homemade soups, artisans breads, and baked goods from four different vendors will also be available. The market will run until Nov. 15, according to the site.

Do you plan to shop at the Farmers Market? Tell us in comments.

BigIdeas April 25, 2012 at 07:38 PM
Too bad it's during the week. I would be a customer if I didn't work weekdays. Good Luck!
Bridget Atkinson May 30, 2012 at 11:45 PM
I Invited my daughter and grandchildren down for a visit to the Farmer's Market, tomorrow, May 31st. I loved the one on Sunday mornings and missed it. Plan on going to J Mags for lunch.. Bridget Atkinson
Bridget Atkinson June 01, 2012 at 11:31 PM
Went to the Farmers Market on Thursday and was impressed! Bought beautiful fresh strawberries, freshly picked Boston lettuce, homemade goat cheese that was delicious and huge empire apples that are my favorite for baking a sole apple. My daughter bought goat cheese, freshly baked loaf cakes, strawberries and honey. The vendors were very friendly and chatty in sharing conversation about their produce etc. Will have to get down here regularly. So glad it has come back to Lynbrook. They also have a tent that sells homemade pies, among them sugar free in that they only do the fresh fruit and don't add extra sugar. They were out of stock on these when we got there. Completely sold out. We then went to J. Mag's restaurant that was a total treat. We met Josh, the general manager that treated us warmly and was very attentive to us. We were a party of five which included two toddlers. I Had a wonderful chicken panini that was great. The food was the best, I have ever tasted in Lynbrook. After lunch, we visited the Lyn Gift Shop, Carvel and Traditions and Memories. What a lovely afternoon in downtown Lynbrook, USA..Have to do it again soon..


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