Local Spots to Hold Your Graduation Party

Celebrate the big day at one of these great rental halls and restaurants.

June is not only the end of school and beginning of summer, but for many students, it's time to celebrate graduation.

Looking for a place to have that special occasion?

Patch has put together a list of some local places that could host your party. Some are rental halls and some are restaurants with private rooms, all with different pricing options to suit your budget.


Located at: 54 Lincoln Avenue, Rockville Centre
Phone: (516) 536-1500

Located at: 23 N Park Avenue, Rockville Centre
Phone: (516) 766-5049

Located at: 26 N Park Avenue, Rockville Centre
Phone: (516) 763-4900

Located at: 12 N Park Avenue, Rockville Centre
Phone: (516) 764-3000

Knights of Columbus
Located at: 2985 Kenneth Place, Rockville Centre
Phone: (516) 678-1492

American Legion
Located at: 197 Maple Avenue, Rockville Centre
Phone: (516) 766-9740


Located at: 78 Hempstead Avenue, Lynbrook
Phone: (516) 887-2228

Elks Lodge
Located at: 57 Hempstead Avenue, Lynbrook
Phone: (516) 599-1515

Located at: 235 Merrick Road, Lynbrook
Phone: (516) 594-2307

Located at: 33 Atlantic Avenue, Lynbrook
Phone: (516) 872-3477

Located at: 275 Merrick Road, Lynbrook
Phone: (516) 256-2820


Located at: 970 W Beech Street, Long Beach
Phone: (516) 431-3687

Located at: 675 W Park Avenue, Long Beach
Phone: (516) 432-9138

Located at: 153 E Park Avenue, Long Beach
Phone: (516) 897-9872

Located at: 943 W Beech Street, Long Beach
Phone: (516) 432-9220


Located at: 240 Franklin Avenue, Malverne
Phone: (516) 599-8645

Located at: 734 Woodfield Road, West Hempstead
Phone: (516) 486-0179

Located at: 233 Woodlawn Road, West Hempstead
Phone: (516) 486-9619

Located at: 401 Hempstead Ave, West Hempstead
Phone: (516) 485-8620

Located at: 78 Hempstead Turnpike, West Hempstead
Phone: (516) 505-8620

Tabu Dance Lounge  
Located at: 514 Hempstead Turnpike, West Hempstead
Phone: (516) 481-9042


Located at: 259 Doughty Boulevard, Inwood
Phone: (516) 239-9275

Located at: 101 Causeway, Lawrence
Phone: (516) 239-1685

Located at: 302 Central Avenue, Lawrence
Phone: (516) 295-3630


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