Moms Q&A: Privacy Versus Prying

Be part of the discussion on a weekly question posed by the Patch Moms Council.

Once a week on Lynbrook Patch, we're going to post Moms Q&A, an interactive feature in which village moms can discuss, debate or brainstorm parenting ideas with fellow parents.

Our Lynbrook Patch Moms Council, currently comprised of three Lynbrook mothers, will help get the conversation started. All residents are welcome to comment, though we do ask that all commenters be courteous and respectful of one another.

This week's topic is: privacy versus prying. Is it an invasion of your kids' privacy to raid their rooms or read their diaries and text messages? Or is this just good parenting? Would you go to these lengths to find out what your child is up to?

Julie O'Connell March 27, 2011 at 10:42 PM
This is a tricky question and I will not pretend to have an answer because my children are still young. I hope that I will some day trust them to do the right thing on their own, especially with so much more available at their fingertips! With that said, I do think I will want to be aware of things going on in their life and think I will limit and monitor phone and computer use as they enter that age bracket. My goal at this point is to work hard at teaching them right from wrong and to make good decisions. Hopefully this will carry over to the teenage years when good judgement is not always a priority!


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