National Day of Action *Reclaim The Promise of Public Education

NYSUT-One Voice
NYSUT-One Voice
 Wear blue Dec.9th Monday
Dress your children in blue.
At approximately 20 to 25 minutes before the school day, demonstrations will proceed across our Nation.

Show your support for:
Funding for public schools and colleges to help all students succeed

A three year moratorium on high stakes consequences for standardized tests

A focus on teaching and learning, Not Testing!
This national day of action is for all union members, educators, parents,  students, and community members to reclaim the promise of public education, democracy, and social justice.
WEAR BLUE, Share BLUE! send your photos to dayofaction@nysutmail.org also parents join their mailing list for alerts. (NYSUT is a union of teachers and school related professionals.) also share photos @ facebook.com/NYSITUnited.

Parents come out and help support our public education. Arrive 20 to 25 min. before the start of the school day and please stay around in BLUE to show our solidarity for teachers. In Valley Stream teachers, (VSTA) will be waiting outside our buildings, wearing blue and holding signs with their messages to raise awareness about issues facing public schools. VSTA especially wants to show their support for students, our community, and public educators. VSTA is in no way protesting or demonstrating against our schools or its administrators.
If you do not have a student...Some of the largest demonstrations will take place at VS North and Central HS.
For our surrounding communities, not all districts will be as well organized as Valley Stream's Teachers Association. Those Districts (teachers) will be wearing blue and are asking their communities to help show solidarity by joining their "SEA of Blue".
This is a day of coming together! Thank you for your support.
To sign up for  my personal "Reclaim the promise of education"  email alerts
send me an email @ malvernehomes@gmail.com


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