Will Malverne Mel See His Shadow? [POLL]

Do you think Malverne's groundhog will predict more winter or an early spring?

It's been a weird winter so far. Little to no snow and seasonably warm days have made it feel as if Old Man Winter never showed up this year, but he could still have a chance to make his presence known if Malverne's goundhog, Mel, gives him an extension.

On Thursday morning, the famous furry forecaster will crawl out of his hole and make his annual weather prediction. If he sees his shadow, then we'll have six more weeks of winter but if he doesn't, spring will come early. 

But before Mel makes his prognosis, we want to hear what you, our readers, think will happen this Groundhog Day.

Will Mel see his shadow or not? Vote in our poll below. And look out for Mel's mascot tonight. He'll be greeting commuters coming off the evening trains in Malverne.

Bill Breuer January 31, 2012 at 03:14 PM
Is it true that Malverne Mel resides outside of Malverne because he can no longer afford the Village taxes? Maybe the Trustees can house Malverne Mel in the new, and vacant, $850,000 addition to the Hempstead Avenue DPW building, which is fast becoming a monument to spendthrift government.
Robert Powers January 31, 2012 at 05:57 PM
Yes it is true that Malverne Mel does not live in Malverne. What is true is that the residents of Malverne have tried to get him to move here for a number of years but he has been confortable where he is. But fear not we are still trying to get him to move here. As I moved here about 6 years ago, I too knew nothing about Malverne but once I bought in I know I was here to stay. I am loving all it has to offer. In the movement to get Mel to move here we as residents must show him why we enjoy living in Malverne. You must admit that there are so many great civic minded groups, organizations, merchants as well as your neighbors that keep us living here. If anyone thinks they can find greener pastures they they should follow there heart. Now for the last number of years the Civic Association along with a great group of volunteers have worked hard to make Mel feel comfortable on Ground Hog Day as he whispers his prediction into our mayor's ears. Preceeding and following the prediction there are festivities enjoyed buy all. I know that there are many residents who come out and enjoy the day. I look forward to this thursday and again meeting Mel and giving him the good news that Malverne is still the place to be. I invite all of the Mr. Breuer's of Malverne to get involved and enjoy all there is to offer in out village. See you there.
Bill Breuer January 31, 2012 at 07:38 PM
Robert, you know that I respect you and your committment to the Historical Society. I am disappointed that you have resorted to the "old guard's" ploy of accusing me of attacking my neighbors and my Village just because I object to the growing taxes, the runaway spending and the lack of transparency in Village government. Wearing blinders and rose colored glasses is not the only way to be a good neighbor.


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