3 Cars Collide at Malverne Intersection with Non-Working Traffic Signals

On person injured at intersection of Cornwell Avenue and Franklin Avenue as post-Sandy power outages linger.

One driver was injured early Monday morning in a three-car collision at the intersection of Franklin Avenue and Cornwell Avenue in Malverne, where the traffic signals have been knocked out for seven days.

The accident occured before 8 a.m. The Malverne Volunteer Fire Department, Malverne Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Nassau County Police and EMS responded and Malverne firefighters used hydraulic tools to remove the door of one of the vehicles, a BMW, in order to reach the injured driver.

The driver, whose condition is not known, was taken to an area hospital. 

On Sunday, another crash occurred at a busy intersection in West Hempstead, where the traffic signals have also been without power since Hurricane Sandy. Click here for that story.

When approaching an intersection where the traffic signals are not operating, treat it like a four-way stop. Follow these rules, courtesy of carinsurance.org. 

  • Come to a full stop.
  • If you pull up to the four-way stop and there are no other vehicles stopped, you have the right of way and may proceed.
  • If two or three vehicles are at the 4-way stop, the vehicle furthest to the right has the right of way.
  • In the event that 4 cars are stopped at a 4-way stop, the alternating sides go first (north and south, then east and west).
  • Only ONE vehicle may pass through a 4-way stop at one time. 
  • Even when it is your turn to pass through, always be cautious and yield to anyone who has started to pass through out of turn.
TW November 06, 2012 at 03:05 AM
Forget the rules for stopping at a non-functioning traffic light. This is what's going to be happening every day until power is restored, and the frequency of these accidents is only going to increase. Will it take even MORE lost lives for these idiots to get the power back? If that's what it takes, then bring on the accidents! These towns, municipalities, and LIPA will expect some serious lawsuits and damages in the very near future....
An Old Friend November 06, 2012 at 01:52 PM
Curious why this specific intersection, which in the village of Malverne is MAJOR, has only put up 2 stop signs making it a two-way stop and not a 4 way stop??? The drivers on Franklin Ave are still FLYING through that intersection. I know, I travel it everyday. Please don't give us the BS that Franklin Ave is a County Street and Malverne PD is not allowed to. We need a Malverne Police Officer at that corner 24 hours a day, directing traffic until LIPA gets the power restored. Bet that would make it happen FAST!!!! They know how to stake out inthe VFW parking lot to try and "catch" speeders, well, what about this situation???
Todd Hundley November 06, 2012 at 02:36 PM
There was an accident at the corner of Ocean & Lakeview this morning around 630am. That's another dangerous intersection that needs some kind of stop sign/ traffic guard. It's ridiculous, and forget going that way at night. You're taking your life in your own hands.


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