'Hot Dog Stripper' Released From Jail, Back in Baldwin

Catherina Scalia pleaded guilty to one charge of prostitution earlier this week, according to reports.

Catherina Scalia, the East Rockaway woman accused of using her hot dog truck to solicit sex from an undercover police officer, returned to her normal place of business Wednesday morning.

Scalia was arrested and charged with prostitution on May 3 after detectives became aware that she was allegedly using a hot dog vending truck, located on Sunrise Highway in Baldwin, to solicit customers for sexual conduct.

CNN reported Tuesday that Scalia had pleaded guilty to the prostitution charge.

Shortly after being released on bail Tuesday, Scalia's first words when leaving the jail were, "I'm here! I'm sexy and I know it everybody!"

The 45-year-old attempted to sell hot dogs from her truck in Baldwin Wednesday morning, but ran into a number of problems.

According to Newsday [paid link]:

... after a confrontation with a member of the Baldwin Civic Association and a man who owns the property, Nassau County police descended on the scene and Scalia was forced to move her hot dog truck farther east on Sunrise Highway, parking it on the street near Freeport High School.

Scalia was asked to "pack it up" a second time after failing to provide her peddler's license when questioned by the Nassau County Police.

HLN has reported that Scalia is a mother of four. According to HLN, she explained to her kids that she has moonlighted as a stripper in the past.

Scalia will be sentenced to seven days in jail on June 18, according to Newsday.


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Concerned Resident May 10, 2012 at 11:29 AM
Why hasn't CPS been notified? She has 4 kids and gives her address to strangers to perform whatever? And can't her peddlers license be taken away???? This women is a psycho!!!!!
Fran L May 10, 2012 at 11:14 PM
Why is she allowed to be near a High School??? Aren't there any laws against solicitation within a radius of a school??? What is going on in the world?? This person is a complete nut job, and why isn't she peddling herself in East Rockaway where where she lives?? She has to come to Freeport & Baldwin??? Go HOME!! What a role model for her children!


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