Nassau Cop Accuses Fellow Officers of Falsely Arresting Her on Black Friday

19-year vet of NCPD said she was wrongfully charged with misdemeanor in West Hempstead; lawyer says incident fueled by racism.

19-year vet of NCPD said she was wrongfully charged with misdemeanor; lawyer says incident fueled by racism. (Photo: Jason Molinet)
19-year vet of NCPD said she was wrongfully charged with misdemeanor; lawyer says incident fueled by racism. (Photo: Jason Molinet)

A Nassau cop has accused fellow officers of racism after she said they falsely arrested her as she shopped on Black Friday in West Hempstead.

Nassau County Police Officer Dolores Sharpe was parked at a store when Officer Charles Volpe "accosted" her, saying she had blocked his view in the middle of an investigation, Newsday reported. 

"She told him she was with the department and asked if she could help" and presented her badge and police identification, Frederick Brewington said, according to Newsday.

Volpe allegedly cursed Sharpe, who then went inside the store, returning seven minutes later to more abusive words, said the report. Volpe told her to get out of the car and Sharpe refused and responded that he should call his supervisor. When he didn't, Sharpe reportedly drove away as Volpe followed in his marked squad car.

According to Newsday:

Two blocks away, Volpe pulled Sharpe over and asked her to get out of her car. She refused and asked Volpe again to call a supervisor, Brewington said. Another officer, Victor Gladitz, soon arrived to assist.

After talking to Volpe, Gladitz demanded Sharpe's identification, arrested her and placed her in handcuffs, Brewington said. A sergeant then came on the scene and ordered her handcuffs removed, Brewington said. She asked to leave and was told she was still under arrest.

Brewington said the incident was fueled by racism, saying the officers were "tainted by 'racial animus,'" according to Newsday.

Sharpe was reportedly taken to the Fourth Precinct where she was given an appearance ticket for Jan. 9.

Sharpe, a 19-year veteran who works in the Applicant Investigation Unit, was suspended without pay and had to hand in her department-issued gun after she was charged with misdemeanor resisting arrest.

At a press conference Thursday, Sharpe demanded to "be reinstated with pay restored and the charges dropped" and seeks to restore any confidence lost in law enforcement as a result of the incident, said Newsday.

Ivan Ivanovich December 06, 2013 at 06:53 PM
Lol, the height of irony, go figure racsist cops
Bill M December 07, 2013 at 01:33 PM
Two sides of every story, I am sure she was no innocent victim, and I am sure the on-duty cop was no angel either.
Eric Sanders December 11, 2013 at 10:10 AM
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