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Police Still Searching for Missing Lynbrook Teen

Village Approves LIAW Iron Removal Plant

Local boy scouts recognized at Monday's village meeting; board passes a motion allowing the sale of a small parcel of land.


Lynbrook Mayor William Hendrick said Monday that the board of trustees passed a resolution to allow Island American Water to construct a new at 228 Whitehall St. 

Hendrick said that the approval is contingent on LIAW meeting certain conditions.

“We gave a long list of regulations they must follow,” Hendrick said. Those regulations include keeping noise down, having contractors work normal hours, the planting of trees and lighting in certain locations on site.

LIAW representatives said at a February meeting that construction will take approximately 12-16 months, including six months of "heavy" construction., and that work could start as early as June.

“It is a plant that is needed,” Hendrick said. “If you don’t do something you’re not going to be able to use that water. “

Local Boy Scouts Recognized

Tim O’Connor and Jesse Gillespie were recognized by the village board for a couple of projects they are currently working on. 

O’Connor, a senior at Chaminade HS, will be working on a project next week around the village, painting white stripes on telephone poles that are near fire hydrants. This makes it easier for first responders to find the hydrants in case of an emergency, according to O’Connor.

“They sometimes have markers on them but they haven’t been updated in a while…” O’Connor said.

The project has been approved by the O’Connor will start the project April 11 and 12, and said he has kids and parents to help him.

Gillespie has created realistic dog decoys to scare away geese at parks and fields.

“I realized that playing sports…it’s a constant battle with geese,” said Gillespie, who graduated and currently attends Nassau Community College.

Four of the decoys will each be installed at , Malverne HS and

Board Passes Motion Allowing Sale of Land

The board passed a motion allowing the sale of a small parcel of land at 478 Whitehall St. in Lynbrook, located on the border of Malverne. With the purchase, the residents buying the land at Whitehall St. hope they will now have the option to choose a school district, according to their lawyer.

“We do believe that by purchasing this two foot by one and a half foot parcel that will give us an option to make a school district election,” said lawyer, John DeMarco. “…We must go before the Nassau County Planning commission for a second approval.”

Hendrick said the board can’t object to the purchase of a piece of property, and made it clear that the board cannot rule on whether or not the residents would be able to make a different school election.

“The board takes no position on whether or not you can do what you want to do,” Hendrick said.

The next scheduled board meeting will be held on Monday, April 16 at 7 p.m.

BigIdeas April 03, 2012 at 04:19 PM
For approving the water companies iron removal plant, is the village receiving a roll-back in the water companies fee increase?
L Gigante April 03, 2012 at 04:37 PM
Bigideas Did you miss the sign-up for the roll-back in rate increases? You needed to sign-up by last night to qualify.
BigIdeas April 04, 2012 at 12:34 PM
LOL - I was at the meeting. I signed up for the 2% tax increase in support of the Govenor instead of the 6.89% proposed by our hard working village board.
Concerned Resident April 06, 2012 at 03:58 PM
7% tax increase are you kidding me?? Stop hiring more police!! There was no reason to hire two more during difficult financial times. Freezes and cut backs on their contracts r in order. Better supervision of Their activities r in order. Put up more cameras instead of hiring And have those on duty sit in areas where they could write hundreds of tickets while waiting for a call. Do you need every cop responding to ambulance or minor calls???? What's going on with the maximum of 6 hour parking on residential streets???? Are you kidding me??? Stop this board from sneaking stuff through because they are from one party..


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