2012 Pre-Prom Show Heats Up Atlantic Avenue

Cool looks dominate hot afternoon in Lynbrook.

It could have been Oscar night on Atlantic Avenue as dusk began to fall Thursday evening. And while there was no Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt, there was the class of 2012 -- and that was more than enough.

The large senior group was on display for nearly an hour, parading toward a night of memories at the village's annual pre-prom function. 

Organized by the Lynbrook Chamber of Commerce, each couple walked hand-in-hand down the avenue. They modeled dresses -- and bow ties -- of almost every color as throngs of onlookers, enough to jam the sidewalks, cheered them on. 

It was a sendoff that put a smile on every face.  

“It was so exciting. Everyone had a great time,” senior Ike Polinsky said. “Despite the heat, and everyone sweating, it was great.” 

The heat was certainly unavoidable. With temperatures nearing 100 degrees, the black tuxedos worn by a large majority of the males in the class of 2012 provided little heat relief.

“I’m melting,” Polinsky joked. 

Water was made available to the seniors as they took pictures and waited for their limos to arrive.

Once they finished posing for parents and siblings, the partiers made their way to the Milleridge Cottage for an 8 p.m. start.

While the cottage may not have had screaming family members waiting for them, it did have one thing that Atlantic Avenue just couldn’t provide: air conditioning.


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