Herber Students Present Award-Winning Research at Brookhaven Lab

Howard T. Herber Middle School's science research team took home top awards at National Brookhaven Lab symposium.

The brilliant and diligent students of Ginny DeLeo's science research team capped off a successful school year earlier this month by presenting their award-winning work to scientists at the Brookhaven National Laboratory.

The students from Malverne's were chosen to showcase the project that won them a New York State title in the Disney Planet Challenge at a symposium held at Brookhaven National Laboratory.

The group of 19 dedicated eighth-graders stole the show and received the Outstanding School District Award for their work in restoring and preserving Pinebrook Lake. 

Only about 20 science classes from all grade levels in districts throughout Long Island were chosen to present their projects. As an added highlight for Malverne at the evening ceremony, DeLeo,  the advisor for the science research program, received the Outstanding Teacher Award.

A five-year plan is in place for the further development and restoration of Pinebrook Lake. To learn more about the students award-winning project, 


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