Malverne School Board Agenda: Feb. 12

See what topics the Malverne school board will be tackling at tonight's meeting.

The Malverne Board of Education will be holding its monthly business meeting tonight ( 8 p.m.) in the Malverne High School library.

The Feb. 12 meeting will include a presentation on the 2013-14 school budget for the district and a look at the district's revamped Web site.

When school officials presented the initial figures for the 2013-14 budget, which is still in the works, to the public in late December, they were facing an estimated gap in revenue and expenses as high as $2.1 million and braced residents for possible cuts. (Click here for coverage of that presentation.)

The agenda for tonight's meeting also includes more than 100 staff appointments including seven teachers/teaching assistants, 62 positions for Saturday Academy and Academic Intervention Services and 16 for before- and after-school programs.

Additionally, the board will be voting on contracts for busing, psychiatric and education services, and CPR training. They'll also vote on a resolution to execute a settlement with the Port Washington School District to recover tuition for a non-resident who received an education from Malverne while placed in foster care.

The much-debated revised Use of Buildings Policy will also be read and discussed one last time and then adopted. Click here to learn more about the policy.

As always, residents will have a chance to ask questions and express their concerns to the board toward the end of the board meeting.

The full agenda can be viewed above. Look for coverage of the meeting on Patch later this week.

Felix Procacci February 13, 2013 at 11:35 AM
Tell residents to write to their Legislators to repeal the Triborough Amendment should be on the agenda at every school board meeting. Repealing this UNFAIR Law is the only way to reform education, it is the only way to reform Local and State Government Agencies. (the Triborough Amendment allows an existing contract to stay in effect until a new contract is negotiated. It gives Local Governments little negotiating power because employees still receive step increases even after the expiration of a contract, essentally A CONTRACT NEVER EXPIRES until it is renegotiated). This Law costs school districts STATE WIDE over $300 million dollars more per year. http://www.newsday.com/opinion/letters/letter-the-trouble-with-triborough-1.3695414


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