Patch 101: Malverne School District Bond Vote

Residents living in school district 12 can vote today on a $14.1 million bond that would be used to make major improvements to Malverne school facilities. Here is a quick synopsis on the issue.

What is on the ballot?

A $14.1 million capital bond that is comprised of two separate propositions. Proposition #1, which focuses on making crucial improvements to the infrastructure of the district's two elementary schools, Downing and Davison Avenue. Proposition #2 is directed at giving the sports facilities at Herber Middle School and Malverne High School a face-lift.

What will this cost taxpayers in the district?

The district expects there to be "no noticeable impact" on taxpayers since the bond will be absorbed into its operating budget and the debt service for the bond would be no less than 2 percent of this budget. That said, Proposition #1 is projected to cost $9.9 million, which works out to be $9.56 per month for the average homeowner, but the district assured residents that this money will be tied into the annual school budget, so taxpayers won't be hit with an extra bill or incur a percentage increase from year to year. The same applies to Proposition #2, which can only be implemented if Proposition #1 passes. Proposition #2 would add  $4.2 million (an extra $5 per month for average homeowners), to bring the grand total to $14.1 million. This works out to be $14.56 per month for the average homeowner, but this will be absorbed into the annual budget. Then don't forget that approximately 40 percent, or $5.6 million, of the project's total cost will be reimbursed through New York State Building Aid, which will be applied to the bond's interest.

What projects does Proposition #1 address?

  • The expansion of Downing's library and replacing the roof on its second story wing.
  • Both elementary schools would undergo renovations to their basements, where students currently eat lunch, upgrades to their kitchens, and new cafeterias would be constructed elsewhere.
  • Both buildings would also undergo upgrades to conform with the Americans with Disabilities Act, including installing elevators at Davison Avenue.
  • The funds would also replace the exterior doors, repair steps and ramps, and improve other basic components of the building to make them safer and function more efficiently.
  • Beginning this school year, Davison Avenue became an intermediate school, as its youngsters were transferred to Downing while all of the district's third and fourth graders moved into Davison. The bond would help the school become better equipped to serve these older students, add a science lab and music room to the building and allow for the district's fifth graders to be moved out of Howard T. Herber Middle School and into Davison.

What projects does Proposition #2 address?

  • Renovating the locker rooms at the middle and high schools.
  • Reconstructing the basketball and tennis courts at the high school, which are cracked and beyond repair.
  • Installing an artificial turf field at the high school, replacing the current football field, which is uneven and laden with geese feces.
  • Replacing the bleachers, press-box and sound system at the high school.
  • Installing a field irrigation system and facilities for track and field events such as shot put and pole vault.
  • Improve the practice and soccer fields.

Why is this needed?

According to the Board of Education, which conducted a lengthy review process before proposing the bond, the district's schools, particularly its two elementary school buildings have surpassed their life spans. The schools are crowded and poorly suited to fit the needs of today's students. The last time the district invested in its buildings was in 1979 and that amount was only $1.5 million. While not the main focus of the bond, the sports facilities are beyond repair and pose safety issues.

Who can vote?

Registered voters who are atleast 18 years old, a U.S. citizen and have been living in Malverne school district 12 for atleast 30 days prior to the vote.

When can I vote?

Tuesday, Nov. 16 from 7am-9pm. Absentee ballots need to be filed with the district clerk by 5p.m. on the day of the vote.

Where can I vote?


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