West Hempstead Seeking Residents for Space Utilization Committee

Looks to make better use of empty space at Chestnut Street and soon, the Eagle Avenue School.

Vacant stores aren't the only empty spaces around West Hempstead.

The West Hempstead school district is the owner of a large amount of vacant space inside the Chestnut Street School, which once served as the home of the West Hempstead Public Library. And at the end of the 2012-2013 school year, it will also have an entire empty building on its hands when Nassau BOCES leaves the BOCES has been leasing the building from the district since 1991, but that they would not renew it beyond June 2013.

If the district can not find someone to replace BOCES, it will lose $500,000, according to West Hempstead Deputy Superintendent Richard Cunningham.

The school district has engaged Western Suffolk BOCES to do a demographic study of the West Hempstead School District and its facilities, which will be delivered to the Board of Education by the end of this academic year.

With these factors in mind, the West Hempstead school board decided to form a Space Utilization Committee, and is seeking residents to join. The committee will be tasked at finding ways to use the district's facilities, including the space at Chestnut and the Eagle Avenue School, in the most efficient manner while also addressing the needs of the K-12 student body.

If you are interested in serving on such a committee, please send your name, address and e-mail information to: space@whufsd.com.


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