West Hempstead, Island Park Boards Discuss Contract

The West Hempstead and Island Park Boards of Education hold joint meeting to discuss upcoming contract renewal.

The West Hempstead Board of Education hosted a special meeting Tuesday with its counterparts from Island Park to discuss the renewal of the contract between the two school districts.

For many years, children residing in Island Park have attended West Hempstead High School (since their home school district doesn't have a high school) and the current contract, which allows this, is set to expire in 2013.

Four years ago, Island Park also signed a contract with the Long Beach school district, giving its eighth graders a second option if they chose to attend a public school. As a result, the West Hempstead and Long Beach school districts now compete for Island Park students, who bring extra revenue to the districts because Island Park pays a tuition for each student who attends one of these high schools. As of January, the amount attending the two schools was nearly split down the middle with 33 attending Long Beach and 35 West Hempstead.

The June 12 meeting focused on how students have benefited from the decisions of the West Hempstead school district.

Some students attended and discussed how certain programs helped them improve in designated areas. From performing arts to its vocational program, the West Hempstead school district has improved the quality of education that students receive, according to those who spoke up.

West Hempstead Schools Superintendent John Hogan explained that this annual meeting was very productive and spoke well of the future of both school districts. Unlike past years, this is the first time that both school districts have met twice in the year.

“It is good to see the camaraderie and common goals of everyone,” stated Hogan.

If the contract was renewed it would start in 2013 and be in effect until 2018.


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