Nancy Hiler
Nancy Hiler is VP, Marketing for Built Well Solar Corp., the Bellmore-based solar energy company for which she has been consulting for seven years, and runs her own marketing company, Creative Partners, and also works as Managing Editor of a public energy company's quarterly newsletter, Energy NewsLine.
Her roots (usually needing a touch-up) go back to as far (and as old) as a college semester (Hofstra, Political Science) involving the Clean Air Act on Capitol Hill. In between all that were graduate school (NYU), a few corporate writing and marketing jobs, parenthood, community involvement, a reporting spot with the Bellmore Herald...  Since most of her work revolves around energy -- and all of this takes more and more energy as she ages (what with also single-parenting her two angelic sons -- no, seriously, they are pretty great), Nancy is pleased to be a PATCH blogger (and former "Go Green Gal" columnist and contributor) to explore the ordinary and extraordinary idea that everything is energy... or is that energy is everything?
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